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1This section applies to a firm when it sells or arranges the sale of a packaged product to a retail client and the firm's services to sell or arrange are not in connection with the provision of a personal recommendation2.2
(1) If a firm sells or arranges the sale of a packaged product to a retail client, and subsequently if the retail client requests it, the firm must disclose to the client in cash terms9. 2(a) any commission receivable by it or any of its associates in connection with the transaction; (b) if the firm is also the product provider, any commission or commission equivalent payable in connection with the transaction; and (c) if the firm or any of its associates is in the same immediate
(1) A firm must make the disclosure required by the rule on disclosure of commission or equivalent (COBS 6.4.3 R) as close as practicable to the time that it sells or arranges the sale of a packaged product.2(2) The firm must make the disclosure:(a) in a durable medium; or(b) when a retail client does not make a written application to enter into a transaction, orally. In these circumstances, the firm must give written confirmation as soon as possible after the date of the transaction,
A firm should ensure that a financial promotion:(1) for a product or service that places a client's capital at risk makes this clear;(2) that quotes a yield figure gives a balanced impression of both the short and long term prospects for the investment;(3) that promotes an investment or service whose charging structure is complex, or in relation to which the firm will receive more than one element of remuneration, includes the information necessary to ensure that it is fair, clear
COBS 13.4.1RRP
1 A key features illustration;1158(1) must include appropriate charges information;11(2) must include information about any interest that will be paid to clients on money held within a personal pension scheme bank account; and1166(3) if it is prepared for a non-PRIIP packaged product which is not a financial instrument:1166(a) must include a standardised deterministic projection; 11(b) the projection and charges information must be consistent with each other so that:11(i) the