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COBS 19.5.2RRP
A firm (Firm A) must establish an IGC, unless:3(1) Firm A has established a governance advisory arrangement in accordance with COBS 19.5.3R; or3(2) another firm in Firm A’s group has already established an IGC under this section, and Firm A has made arrangements with that IGC to cover a relevant scheme operated by Firm A or a pathway investment offered by Firm A.3
COBS 19.5.4GRP
(1) Firms with large or complex relevant schemes should establish an IGC. For the purposes of this section, a firm may determine whether it has large relevant schemes by reference to:(a) the number of relevant policyholders in relevant schemes; (b) the funds under management in relevant schemes; and(c) the number of employers contributing to relevant schemes.(2) Examples of features that might indicate complex schemes include: (a) schemes that are operated on multiple information