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COBS 19.4.16RRP
(1) 4When a firm communicates with a retail client about the retail client'spersonal pension scheme, stakeholder pension scheme, FSAVC, retirement annuity contract or pension buy-out contract which is provided by the firm, unless the circumstances in (2) apply, the firm must:(a) refer to the availability of the pensions guidance;(b) offer to provide the client with information about how to access the pensions guidance; and(c) include a recommendation that the client seeks appropriate
COBS 19.7.7RRP
A firm must follow the steps specified in this section at the point when the retail client has decided (in principle) to take one of the following actions (and before the action is concluded):(1) buy a pension decumulation product; or(2) vary their personal pension scheme4 to enable the client to:(a) access pension savings using a drawdown pension; or(b) elect to make one-off, regular or ad-hoc uncrystallised funds pension lump sum payments2; or(3) receive a one-off, regular or