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4[article 20 of the Market Abuse Regulation][Note: This section applies to a person that prepares or disseminates investment recommendations.]
COBS 12.4.8GRP
The disclosures required under article 20(3) of the Market Abuse Regulation2 may, if the person2 so chooses, be made by graphical means (for example by use of a line graph).2
COBS 12.4.11GRP
A person may choose to disclose significant shareholdings above a lower threshold than is required by article 20(3) of the Market Abuse Regulation.22
COBS 12.4.14GRP
Where article 20(3) of the Market Abuse Regulation requires a disclosure of the proportions of all investment recommendations published that are “buy”, “hold”, “sell” or equivalent terms, the FCA considers it important for these equivalent terms to be consistent and meaningful to the recipients in terms of the course of actions being recommended, particularly for non-equity material.22
COBS 11.7.1RRP
A firm that conducts designated investment business must establish, implement and maintain adequate arrangements aimed at preventing the following activities in the case of any relevant person who is involved in activities that may give rise to a conflict of interest, or who has access to inside information as defined in the Market Abuse Regulation3 or to other confidential information relating to clients or transactions with or for clients by virtue of an activity carried out
1The requirements of this section are without prejudice to the prohibition under article 14(c)3 of the Market Abuse Regulation3.
COBS 12.1.1GRP
1The purpose of this chapter is to:2(1) 2set out specific requirements 2relating to the production and dissemination of investment research and non-independent research; and(2) 3provide guidance on matters in the 3Market Abuse Regulation relating to the disclosures to be made in, and about, 3investment recommendations.2333