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COBS 12.2.1RRP
This section applies to a firm which produces, or arranges for the production of, investment research that is intended or likely to be subsequently disseminated to clients of the firm or to the public, under its own responsibility or that of a member of its group. [Note: article 25(1) of the MiFID implementing Directive]
COBS 12.2.2GRP
The concept of dissemination of investment research to clients or to the public is not intended to include dissemination exclusively to persons within the group of the firm. [Note: recital 33 of the MiFID implementing Directive]
COBS 12.2.4GRP
Persons whose responsibilities or business interests may reasonably be considered to conflict with the interests of the persons to whom investment research is disseminated include corporate finance personnel and persons involved in sales and trading on behalf of clients or the firm. [Note: recital 30 of the MiFID implementing Directive]