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COBS 11.4.5RRP
The obligation in COBS 11.4.1R2 to make public a limit order is disapplied in respect of transactions that are2 large in scale compared with normal market as determined under article 4 of MiFIR2. [Note: article 28(2)2 of MiFID]
COBS 18.2.9ERP
(1) 1In order to take reasonable care to ascertain the price which is the best available, a firm:(a) should disregard any charges and commission made by it or its agents that are disclosed to the customer under COBS 6.1.9 R (Information about costs and associated charges);(b) need not have access to competing exchanges, or to all, or a minimum number of, available price sources; but if a firm can access prices displayed by different exchanges and trading platforms and make a direct