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CASS 7.13.11GRP
In complying with CASS 7.13.8 R and CASS 7.13.10 R, a firm should consider, as appropriate, together with any other relevant matters:(1) the capital of the CRD credit institution or bank;(2) the amount of client money placed, as a proportion of the CRD credit institution or bank's capital and deposits, and, in the case of a qualifying money market fund, compared to any limit the fund may place on the volume of redemptions in any period;(3) the extent to which client money that
CASS 7.13.21RRP
For the purpose of CASS 7.13.20 R an entity is a relevant group entity if it is:(1) (a) a CRD credit institution; or 6(b) a bank authorised in a third country; or6(c) a qualifying money market fund; or6(d) the entity operating or managing the qualifying money market fund; and6(2) a member of the same group as that firm. [Note: article 4(3) first sub-paragraph of the MiFID Delegated Directive]6