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CASS 7.11.44RRP
(1) Client money belonging to those categories of clients set out in (2) and in respect of those amounts set out in (2) ceases to be client money of the firm if it is transferred by the firm to another person:(a) as part of a transfer of business to that other person where these sums relate to the business being transferred; and(b) on terms which require the other person to return a client's transferred sums as soon as practicable at the client's request.(2) (a) For retail clients
CASS 7.11.51GRP
Where the client money balance held by a firm is, in aggregate, £100 or less for a client other than a retail client or, for a retail client, £25 or less, the firm may comply with CASS 7.11.57 R instead of CASS 7.11.50 R.
CASS 7.11.57RRP
A firm may pay away to a registered charity of its choice a client money balance which is allocated to a client and if it does so the released balance will cease to be client money under CASS 7.11.34 R (10):(1) the balance in question is (i) for a retail client, in aggregate, £25 or less, or (ii) for a professional client, in aggregate, £100 or less; (2) the firm held the balance concerned for at least six years following the last movement on the client's account (disregarding
(1) 7Before a firm ceases to treat a balance of client money in a notional pool as client money by transferring it to itself under CASS 7.17.2R(5) it must:(a) (subject to paragraph (2)) attempt to distribute the balance to the relevant client or transfer it to another person for safekeeping on behalf of the client in accordance with CASS 7A.2.4R (Pooling and distribution or transfer); (b) (subject to paragraph (3)) take reasonable steps to notify any client in respect of whom
A firm may not handle client money in accordance with the rules in this section unless each of the following conditions is satisfied:(1) the firm must have and maintain systems and controls which are adequate to ensure that the firm is able to monitor and manage its client money transactions and any credit risk arising from the operation of the trust arrangement and, if in accordance with CASS 5.4.2 R a firm complies with both the rules in CASS 5.3 and CASS 5.4, such systems and