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CASS 7.10.19RRP
A firm holding money in either of the ways described in CASS 7.10.16 R must, before providing designated investment business services to the client in respect of those sums, notify the client that:(1) the money held for that client is held by the firm as banker and not as a trustee under the client money rules; and(2) if the firmfails, the client money distribution and transfer rules8 will not apply to these sums and so the client will not be entitled to share in any distribution
CASS 7.10.20RRP
A firm holding money in either of the ways described in CASS 7.10.16 R in respect of a client and providing the services to it referred to in CASS 7.10.19 R must:(1) explain to its clients the circumstances, if any, under which it will cease to hold any money in respect of those services as banker and will hold the money as trustee in accordance with the client money rules; and(2) set out the circumstances in (1), if any, in its terms of business so that they form part of its
CASS 7.10.22RRP
If a CRD credit institution or an approved bank that is not a CRD credit institution wishes to hold client money for a client (rather than hold the money in either of the ways described in CASS 7.10.16 R) it must, before providing designated investment business services to the client, disclose the following information to the client:(1) that the money held for that client in the course of or in connection with the business described under (2) is being held by the firm as client
CASS 7.10.28RRP
(1) An authorised professional firm regulated by the Law Society (of England and Wales), the Law Society of Scotland or the Law Society of Northern Ireland that, with respect to its regulated activities, is subject to the following rules of its designated professional body, must comply with those rules and, where relevant paragraph (3), and if it does so, it will be deemed to comply with the client money rules.(2) The relevant rules are: (a) if the firm is regulated by the Law
CASS 7.10.35RRP
(1) A trustee firm to which CASS 7.10.34 R applies may, in addition to the client money rules set out at CASS 7.10.34 R, also elect to comply with:(a) all the client money rules in CASS 7.13 (Segregation of client money); (b) CASS 7.14 (Client money held by a third party);(c) all the client money rules in CASS 7.15 (Records, accounts and reconciliations); or(d) CASS 7.18 (Acknowledgement letters).(2) A trustee firm must make a written record of any election it makes under this
CASS 7.10.41GRP
(1) Principle 10 (Clients' assets) requires a firm to arrange adequate protection for clients' assets when the firm is responsible for them. An essential part of that protection is the proper accounting and treatment of client money. The client money rules provide requirements for firms that receive or hold client money, in whatever form.(2) The client money rules also, where relevant, implement the provisions of MiFID which regulate the obligations of a firm when it holds client
CASS 5.5.13GRP
A firm can hold client money in either a general client bank account (CASS 5.5.38 R) or a designated client bank account (CASS 5.5.39 R). A firm holds all client money in general client bank accounts for its clients as part of a common pool of money so those particular clients do not have a claim against a specific sum in a specific account; they only have a claim to the client money in general. A firm holds client money in designated client bank accounts for those clients who requested
CASS 5.5.23RRP
(1) A firm must, on a regular basis, and at reasonable intervals, ensure that it holds in its client bank account an amount which (in addition to any other amount which it is required by these rules to hold) is not less than the amount which it reasonably estimates to be the aggregate of the amounts held at any time by its appointed representatives, field representatives, and other agents.(2) A firm must, not later than ten business days following the expiry of each period in
CASS 7.13.73RRP
(1) Where the circumstances described in CASS 7.13.72 R (1)(a) apply to a firm it must pay an amount (determined in accordance with this rule) of its own money into its client bank account and retain that money in its client bank account (clearing arrangement mandatory prudent segregation). The amount segregated by a firm in its client bank account under this rule will be client money for the purposes of the client money rules and the client money distribution and transfer rules7.
CASS 7.11.17RRP
Where a firm does not meet the requirements in CASS 7.11.14 R or CASS 7.11.16 R for the use of the exemption in CASS 7.11.14 R , the firm is subject to the client money rules in respect of any money it holds in connection with the delivery versus payment transaction in question.
CASS 7.11.22RRP
An authorised fund manager will not be in breach of the requirement under CASS 7.13.6R to receive client money directly into a client bank account if it received the money in accordance with CASS 7.11.21 R (1) and is subsequently required under CASS 7.11.21 R (2) to hold that money in accordance with the client money rules.
CASS 7.11.29GRP
When a client's obligation or liability, which is secured by that client's asset, crystallises, and the firm realises the asset in accordance with an agreement entered into between the client and the firm, the part of the proceeds of the asset to cover such liability that is due and payable to the firm is not client money. However, any proceeds of sale in excess of the amount owed by the client to the firm should be paid over to the client immediately or be held in accordance
CASS 7.11.49GRP
Before acting in accordance with CASS 7.11.50 R to CASS 7.11.58 G, a firm should consider whether its actions are permitted by law and consistent with the arrangements under which the client money is held. For the avoidance of doubt, these provisions relate to a firm's obligations as an authorised person and to the treatment of client money under the client money rules.
CASS 11.13.1RRP
This section (the debt management client money distribution rules) applies to a CASS debt management firm that holds client money which is subject to the debt management client money rules when a primary pooling event or a secondary pooling event occurs.
CASS 11.13.2GRP
The debt management client money distribution rules seek, in the event of the failure of a CASS debt management firm or of an approved bank at which the CASS debt management firm holds client money, to protect client money and to facilitate the timely payment of sums to creditors or the timely return of client money to clients.
CASS 7.19.25RRP
The records maintained under this section, including the sub-pool disclosure documents, are a record of the firm that must be kept in a durable medium for at least five years following the date on which client money was last held by the firm for a sub-pool to which those records or the sub-pool disclosure document applied.
If a primary pooling event occurs, then4:(1) (a) in respect of a sub-pool,4 the following is treated as a single notional pool of client money for the beneficiaries of that pool:45(i) any client money held in a client bank account of the firm relating to that sub-pool; and5(ii) any client money held in a client transaction account of the firm relating to that sub-pool, except for client money held in a client transaction account at an authorised central counterparty3 or a clearing
CASS 11.1.2GRP
The requirements imposed on a CASS debt management firm that holds client money vary depending on whether a firm is classified as a CASS small debt management firm or a CASS large debt management firm in CASS 11.2.3 R (CASS debt management firm types). CASS 11.1.4 R to CASS 11.1.6 R indicate which rules in the debt management client money chapter apply to which category of firm.
CASS 11.1.4RRP

Subject to CASS 11.1.6 R, only the rules and guidance in the debt management client money chapter listed in the table below apply to CASS small debt management firms.



CASS 11.1.1 R to CASS 11.1.4 R and CASS 11.1.6 R


CASS 11.2.1 R to CASS 11.2.9 G

Firm classification

CASS 11.3.1 R to CASS 11.3.2 R and CASS 11.3.6 R

Responsibility for CASS operational oversight

CASS 11.4.1 G to CASS 11.4.4 G

Definition of client money and discharge of fiduciary duty

CASS 11.5.1 R and CASS 11.5.2 R

Organisational requirements

CASS 11.6.1 R and CASS 11.6.2 G

Statutory trust

CASS 11.7.1 G and CASS 11.7.5 G

Selecting an approved bank at which to hold client money

CASS 11.8.1 G to CASS 11.8.13 R

Client bank account acknowledgement letters

CASS 11.9.1 R to CASS 11.9.13 G

Segregation and the operation of client money accounts

CASS 11.10.1 R to CASS 11.10.7 G

Payments to creditors

CASS 11.11.1 R to CASS 11.11.12 R , CASS 11.11.30 R and CASS 11.11.32 G

Records, accounts and reconciliations

CASS 11.12.1 G to CASS 11.12.7 R

CASS 11 resolution pack

CASS 11.13.1 R to CASS 11.13.14 R

Client money distribution in the event of a failure of a firm or approved bank

CASS 6.6.54RRP
(1) This rule applies where a firm identifies a discrepancy as a result of, or that reveals, a shortfall, which the firm has not yet resolved.(2) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (4)7, until the discrepancy is resolved a firm must do one of the following:(a) appropriate a sufficient number of its own applicable assets to cover the value of the shortfall and hold them for the relevant clients under the custody rules in such a way that the applicable assets, or the proceeds of their
CASS 6.1.12RRP
(1) Subject to (2) and CASS 6.1.12B R and with the written agreement of the relevant client, a9firm need not treat this chapter as applying in respect of a delivery versus payment transaction through a commercial settlement system if:9929(a) in respect of a client's purchase, the firm intends for the asset in question to be due to the client within one business day following the client's fulfilment of its payment obligation to the firm;9 or9(b) in respect of a client's sale, the
If a firm holds money as agent of an insurance undertaking then the firm'sclients (who are not insurance undertakings) will be adequately protected to the extent that the premiums which it receives are treated as being received by the insurance undertaking when they are received by the agent and claims money and premium refunds will only be treated as received by the client when they are actually paid over. The rules in CASS 5.2 make provision for agency agreements between firms
(1) A firm which holds client money can discharge its obligation to ensure adequate protection for its clients in respect of such money by complying with CASS 5.3 which provides for such money to be held by the firm on the terms of a trust imposed by the rules.(2) The trust imposed by CASS 5.3 is limited to a trust in respect of client money which a firm receives and holds. The consequential and supplementary requirements in CASS 5.5 are designed to secure the proper segregation