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CASS 7.11.3RRP
(1) A firm must ensure that any TTCA5 is the subject of a written agreement made on a durable medium between the firm and the client.(2) Regardless of the form of the written agreement in (1) (which may have additional commercial purposes), it must cover the client's agreement to:(a) the terms for the arrangement relating to the transfer of the client's full ownership of money to the firm;(b) any terms under which the ownership of money is to transfer from the firm back to the
CASS 7.11.9RRP
(1) If a client communicates to a firm that it wishes (whether pursuant to a contractual right or otherwise) to terminate a TTCA5, and the client's communication is not in writing, the firm must make a written record of the client's communication, which also records the date the communication was received.(2) A firm must keep a client's written communication, or a written record of the client's communication in (1), for five years starting from the date the communication was received