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CASS 7.10.19RRP
A firm holding money in either of the ways described in CASS 7.10.16 R must, before providing designated investment business services to the client in respect of those sums, notify the client that:(1) the money held for that client is held by the firm as banker and not as a trustee under the client money rules; and(2) if the firmfails, the client money distribution and transfer rules8 will not apply to these sums and so the client will not be entitled to share in any distribution
CASS 7.10.20RRP
A firm holding money in either of the ways described in CASS 7.10.16 R in respect of a client and providing the services to it referred to in CASS 7.10.19 R must:(1) explain to its clients the circumstances, if any, under which it will cease to hold any money in respect of those services as banker and will hold the money as trustee in accordance with the client money rules; and(2) set out the circumstances in (1), if any, in its terms of business so that they form part of its
CASS 7.10.34RRP

Subject to CASS 7.10.35 R only the client money rules listed in the table below apply to a trustee firm in connection with money that the firm receives, or holds for or on behalf of a client in the course of or in connection with its designated investment business which is not MiFID business.



CASS 7.10.1 R to CASS 7.10.6 G, and CASS 7.10.16 R to CASS 7.10.27 R


CASS 7.10.33 R to CASS 7.10.40 G

Trustee firms

CASS 7.10.41 G

General purpose

CASS 7.13.3 R to CASS 7.13.4 G

Depositing client money

CASS 7.13.8 R to CASS 7.13.11 G

Selection, appointment and review of third parties

CASS 7.13.12 R to CASS 7.13.19 G

Client bank accounts

CASS 7.13.20 R to CASS 7.13.25 R

Diversification of client money

CASS 7.13.26 R to CASS 7.13.29 G

Qualifying money market funds

CASS 7.15.5 R (3), CASS 7.15.7 R and CASS 7.15.12 R to CASS 7.15.34 G

Reconciliation of client money balances

CASS 7.16

The standard methods of internal client money reconciliation

CASS 7.17.2 R to CASS 7.17.4 G


CASS 7.10.35RRP
(1) A trustee firm to which CASS 7.10.34 R applies may, in addition to the client money rules set out at CASS 7.10.34 R, also elect to comply with:(a) all the client money rules in CASS 7.13 (Segregation of client money); (b) CASS 7.14 (Client money held by a third party);(c) all the client money rules in CASS 7.15 (Records, accounts and reconciliations); or(d) CASS 7.18 (Acknowledgement letters).(2) A trustee firm must make a written record of any election it makes under this
CASS 7.10.37GRP
A trustee firm to which CASS 7.10.34 R applies and which is otherwise subject to the client money rules should ensure that in designing its systems and controls it:(1) takes into account that the client money distribution rules will only apply in relation to any client money that the firm holds other than in its capacity as trustee firm; and(2) has regard to other legislation that may be applicable.
CASS 7.19.25RRP
The records maintained under this section, including the sub-pool disclosure documents, are a record of the firm that must be kept in a durable medium for at least five years following the date on which client money was last held by the firm for a sub-pool to which those records or the sub-pool disclosure document applied.