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(1) 14A firm must properly consider and document the use of TTCAs in the context of: (a) the relationship between the client’s obligation to the firm; and (b) the safe custody assets subjected to TTCAs by the firm.(2) A firm must be able to demonstrate that it has complied with the requirement under (1).(3) When considering, and documenting, the appropriateness of the use of TTCAs, a firm must take into account the following factors:(a) whether there is only a very weak connection
(1) 8A firm must not grant any security interest, lien or right of set-off to another person over clients’safe custody assets that enable that other person to dispose of the safe custody assets in order to recover debts unless condition (a) or (b) is satisfied:(a) those debts relate to:(i) one or more of the firm’sclients; or(ii) the provision of services by that other person to one or more of the firm’sclients; or(b) to the extent those debts relate to anything else then:(i)
Where a firm uses safe custody assets2 as permitted in this section, the records of the firm must include details of the client on whose instructions the use of the safe custody assets2 has been effected, as well as the number of safe custody assets2 used belonging to each client who has given consent, so as to enable the correct allocation of any loss.[Note: article 5(2), second sub-paragraph of the MiFID Delegated Directive6]222