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(1) The requirements in CASS 6.6.2 R to CASS 6.6.4 R are for a firm to keep internal records and accounts of clients'safe custody assets. Therefore any records falling under those requirements should be maintained by the firm, and should be separate to any records the firm may have obtained from any third parties, such as those with whom it may have deposited, or through whom it may have registered legal title to, clients'safe custody assets.6(2) The FCA expects that compliance
CASS 6.6.10GRP
(1) An internal custody record check is one of the steps a firm takes to satisfy its obligations under:(a) Principle 10 (Clients' assets);(b) CASS 6.2.2 R (Requirement to have adequate organisational arrangements);(c) CASS 6.6.2 R to CASS 6.6.4 R (Records and accounts); and(d) where relevant, SYSC 4.1.1 R (General requirements) and SYSC 6.1.1 R (Compliance).(2) An internal custody record check is a check as to whether the firm's records and accounts of the safe custody assets
CASS 6.6.15GRP
CASS 6.6.14 R means that a firm must not base its internal custody record checks on any records that the firm may have obtained from any third parties, such as those with whom it may have deposited, or through whom it may have registered legal title to, clients'safe custody assets.
CASS 6.6.35RRP
In CASS 6.6.34 R, the third parties whose records and accounts a firm is required to reconcile its own internal records and accounts with must include:(1) the third parties with which the firm has deposited clients'safe custody assets;3(2) where the firm has not deposited a client'ssafe custody asset with a third party:3(a) the third parties responsible for the registration of legal title to that safe custody asset; or33(b) a person acting as an operator for the purposes of any
CASS 6.6.48GRP
In this section, a discrepancy should not be considered to be resolved until it is fully investigated and corrected, and any associated shortfall is made good by way of the firm ensuring that:(1) it is holding (under the custody rules) each of the safe custody assets that the firm ought to be holding for each of its clients; and(2) its own records, and the records of any relevant other person (such as a third party with whom the firm deposited the safe custody assets) accurately
Subject to CASS 6.2.3A-1R, a9firm must effect appropriate registration or recording of legal title to a safe custody asset2 belonging to a client8 in the name of:62(1) the client, unless the client is an authorised person acting on behalf of its client, in which case it may be registered in the name of the client of that authorised person;6(2) a nominee company which is controlled by:(a) the firm;(b) an affiliated company;(c) a recognised investment exchange; or5(d) a third party

2When a trustee firm or depositary acts as a custodian for a trust or collective investment scheme, (except for a firmacting as trustee or depositary of an AIF and a firmacting as trustee or depositary of a UK UCITS16), and:

  1. (1)

    the trust or scheme is established by written instrument; and

  2. (2)

    the trustee firm or depositary has taken reasonable steps to determine that the relevant law and provisions of the trust instrument or scheme constitution will provide protections at least equivalent to the custody rules for the trust property or scheme property;

the trustee firm or depositary need comply only with the custody rules listed in the table below.



CASS 6.1.1 R to CASS 6.1.9 G and CASS 6.1.15 G to CASS 6.1.16C R


CASS 6.1.16E R to CASS 6.1.16I G

Trustees and depositaries

CASS 6.1.22 G to CASS 6.1.24 G

General purpose

CASS 6.2.1 R and CASS 6.2.2 R

Protection of clients' safe custody assets

CASS 6.2.3 R and CASS 6.2.3B G9


Registration and recording of legal title9

CASS 6.2.7 R


9CASS 6.3.1 R to CASS 6.3.4B G9


Depositing safe custody assets with third parties

CASS 6.4.1 R and CASS 6.4.2 G

Use of safe custody assets

CASS 6.69


Records, accounts and reconciliations

CASS 7.16.25RRP
When calculating the client money requirement under either of the methods in CASS 7.16.10 R, a firm must:(1) include any unallocated client money (see CASS 7.13.36 R) and unidentified receipts of money it considers prudent to segregate as client money (see CASS 7.13.37 R);(2) include any money the firm appropriates and holds as client money to cover an unresolved shortfall in safe custody assets identified in its internal records which is not attributable, or cannot be attributed
CASS 10.2.1RRP
A firm must include within its CASS resolution pack:(1) a master document containing information sufficient to retrieve each document in the firm'sCASS resolution pack;(2) a document which identifies the institutions the firm has appointed (including through an appointed representative, tied agent, field representative or other agent):(a) in the case of client money, for the placement of money in accordance with CASS 7.13.3 R1 or to hold client money in accordance with CASS 7.14.2