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CASS 11.13.4RRP
If a primary pooling event1 occurs, then:2(1) all client money:2(a) held in the CASS debt management firm'sclient bank accounts; and (b) received by the CASS debt management firm on behalf of a client but not yet paid into the firm'sclient bank accounts;is treated as pooled together to form a notional pool;(2) a CASS debt management firm must calculate the amount it should be holding on behalf of each individual client as at the time of the primary pooling event using the method
CASS 11.13.12RRP
Money held in each client bank account of the firm must be treated as pooled and:(1) any shortfall in client money held, or which should have been held, in client bank accounts, that has arisen as a result of the failure of the approved bank, must be borne by all clients whose client money is held in a client bank account of the firm, rateably in accordance with their entitlements to the pool;(2) a new client money entitlement must be calculated for each client by the firm, to
CASS 11.9.8RRP
If a CASS debt management firm receives money (either in a client bank account or an account of its own) which it is unable immediately to identify as client money or its own money, it must:(1) take all necessary steps to identify the money as either client money or its own money;(2) if it considers it reasonably prudent to do so, given the risk that client money may not be adequately protected if it is not treated as such, treat the entire balance of money as client money and