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CASS 11.11.14RRP
A CASS large debt management firm internal client money reconciliation requires a CASS large debt management firm to check whether its client money resource, as determined by CASS 11.11.16 R, on the previous business day, was at least equal to the client money requirement, as determined by CASS 11.11.17 R as at the close of business on that day.
CASS 11.11.29RRP
While a CASS large debt management firm is unable to resolve a discrepancy arising from the CASS large debt management firm external client money reconciliation, and one record or a set of records examined by the firm during the reconciliation process indicates that there is a need to have greater amount of client money than is in fact the case, the firm must assume, until the matter is finally resolved, that the record or set of records is accurate and pay its own money into
CASS 11.9.5RRP
Where a CASS debt management firm receives client money in the form of cash, a cheque or other payable order, it must:(1) pay the money into a client bank account in accordance with CASS 11.9.1 R promptly and no later than on the business day after it receives the money;(2) if the firm holds the money overnight, hold it in a secure location in line with Principle 10; and(3) record the receipt of the money in the firm's books and records under the applicable requirements of CASS
CASS 11.1.4RRP
Subject to CASS 11.1.6 R, only the rules and guidance in the debt management client money chapter listed in the table below apply to CASS small debt management firms.ReferenceRuleCASS 11.1.1 R to CASS 11.1.4 R and CASS 11.1.6 RApplicationCASS 11.2.1 R to CASS 11.2.9 GFirm classificationCASS 11.3.1 R to CASS 11.3.2 R and CASS 11.3.6 RResponsibility for CASS operational oversightCASS 11.4.1 G to CASS 11.4.4 GDefinition of client money and discharge of fiduciary dutyCASS 11.5.1 R