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(1) For firms using the IRB approach set out in BIPRU 4, this paragraph applies in place of BIPRU 9.13.4 R.(2) For the purposes of this section, originators interest means the sum of:(a) the exposure value of that notional part of a pool of drawn amounts sold into a securitisation, the proportion of which in relation to the amount of the total pool sold into the structure determines the proportion of the cash-flows generated by principal and interest collections and other associated
BIPRU 9.11.12RRP
To determine its exposure value, a conversion figure of 0% may be applied to the nominal amount of a liquidity facility that is unconditionally cancellable provided that the conditions set out at BIPRU 9.11.10 R are satisfied and that repayment of draws on the facility are senior to any other claims on the cash flows arising from the securitised exposures.[Note:BCD Annex IX Part 4 point 15]