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SUP 16.12.22ARRP

2The applicable data items referred to in SUP 16.12.4 R are set out according to type of firm in the table below:

89Description of data item

Firms’ prudential category and applicable data item (note 1)

MIFIDPRU investment firms

Firms subject to IPRU(INV)

Chapter 13

Firms that are also in one or more of RAGs 2 to 6 and not subject to IPRU(INV)

Chapter 13

Solvency statement

No standard format

(note 2)

Balance sheet


(note 3)

Section A RMAR

Income statement


(note 3)

Section B RMAR

Capital adequacy


(notes 3 and 6)

Section D1 RMAR (note 9)


MIF002 (notes 3, 4 and 6)

Metrics monitoring


(notes 3 and 6)

Concentration risk



(notes 3, 5 and 6)

Concentration risk



(notes 3, 5 and 6)

Group capital test


(notes 6 and 8)

ICARA assessment questionnaire


(note 6)

Supplementary capital data for collective portfolio management investment firms


(note 10)

Professional indemnity insurance (note 11)90

Section E RMAR

Section E RMAR

Section E RMAR

Threshold conditions

Section F RMAR

Training and competence

Section G RMAR

Section G RMAR

Section G RMAR

COBS data

Section H RMAR

Section H RMAR

Section H RMAR

Client money and client assets

Section C RMAR

Section C RMAR

Fees and levies

Section J RMAR

Section J RMAR

Adviser charges

Section K RMAR (note 7)

Section K RMAR (note 7)

Section K RMAR (note 7)

Note 1

When submitting the completed data item required, a firm (except a MIFIDPRU investment firm in relation to an item reported under MIFIDPRU 9) must use the format of the data item set out in SUP 16 Annex 24R, or SUP 16 Annex 18AR in the case of the RMAR. Guidance notes for completion of the data items are contained in SUP 16 Annex 25, or SUP 16 Annex 18BG in the case of the RMAR.

Note 2

Only applicable to a firm that is a sole trader or partnership. Where the firm is a partnership, this report must be submitted by each partner.

Note 3

A UK parent entity of an investment firm group to which consolidation applies under MIFIDPRU 2.5 must also submit this report on the basis of the consolidated situation.

Note 4

Does not apply to an SNI MIFIDPRU investment firm which has been granted an exemption from the liquidity requirements in MIFIDPRU 6.

Note 5

Only applicable to a non-SNI MIFIDPRU investment firm.

Note 6

Data items MIF001 – MIF007 must be reported in accordance with the rules in MIFIDPRU 9.

Note 7

This item only applies to firms that provide advice on retail investment products and P2P agreements.

Note 8

Only applicable to a parent undertaking to which the group capital test applies.

Note 9

Where a firm submits data items for both RAG 7 and RAG 9, the firm must complete Section D1.

Note 10

Only applicable to firms that are collective portfolio management investment firms.

Note 11

This item only applies94 to firms that are subject to an FCA requirement to hold professional indemnity insurance94.