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A firm must calculate its foreign currencyPRR by:(1) identifying which foreign currency and gold positions to include in the PRR calculation;(2) calculating the net open position in each currency in accordance with this section (including where necessary the base currency calculated in the same way as it is for foreign currencies) and in gold;(3) calculating the open currency position for foreign currencies as calculated under BIPRU 7.5.19R and the net gold position (see BIPRU
A firm must calculate its open currency position by:(1) calculating the net position in each foreign currency;(2) converting each such net position into its base currency equivalent at current spot rates;(3) summing all short net positions and summing all long net positions calculated under (1) and (2); and(4) selecting the larger sum (ignoring the sign) from (3).
A firm must calculate its net gold position by:(1) valuing all gold positions using the prevailing spot price for gold (regardless of the maturity of the positions);(2) offsetting long and short positions; and(3) converting the resulting net position into the base currency equivalent using the current spot foreign currency rate.
BIPRU 7.10.42RRP
For foreign currency risk, a VaR model must incorporate risk factors corresponding to the individual foreign currencies, including gold, in which the firm'spositions are denominated.
A firm may calculate the PRR for a position falling into BIPRU 7.1.9R by applying by analogy the rules relating to the calculation of the interest rate PRR, the equity PRR, the commodity PRR, the foreign currency PRR2, the option PRR or the collective investment undertaking PRR if doing so is appropriate and if the position and PRR item are sufficiently similar to those that are covered by those rules.
Without prejudice to other provisions in BIPRU 7.7, a position in a CIU is subject to a collective investment undertaking PRR (general market risk and specific risk) of 32%. Without prejudice to provisions in BIPRU 7.5.18R (Foreign currency PRR for CIUs) or, if the firm has a VaR model permission, BIPRU 7.10.44R (Commodity risks and VaR models) taken together with BIPRU 7.5.18R, where the modified gold treatment set out in those rules is used, a position in a CIU is subject to
1(1) A firm'sforeign exchange requirement is determined by calculating the excess of its foreign exchange position (FEP) above 2 per cent of its own funds and multiplying this excess by 8 per cent. (2) The FEP is the greater of: (a) the total in the reporting currency of the net short positions in each currency other than the reporting currency; and (b) the total in the reporting currency of the net long positions in each currency other than the reporting currency; where the