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(1) 3Subject to (3), a firm must calculate the specific risk portion of the interest rate PRR for each securitisation and resecuritisationposition by multiplying the market value of the individual net position (ignoring the sign) by the appropriate position risk adjustment from the table in BIPRU 7.2.48D R or BIPRU 7.2.48E R, or in accordance with BIPRU 7.2.48F R, as applicable.(2) In calculating the specific risk capital charge of an individual net securitisation or resecuritisation
(1) 3Subject to BIPRU 7.2.48J G, BIPRU 9.15.9 R and BIPRU 9.15.10 R, where the investor, originator or sponsor of a securitisation fails to meet any of the requirements in BIPRU 9.3.18 R to BIPRU 9.3.20 R (Disclosure requirements) and BIPRU 9.15.11 R to BIPRU 9.15.16 R (investor due diligence requirements) in any material respect by reason of its negligence or omission, the appropriate regulator will use its powers under section 55J (Variation etc. on the Authority's own initiative)
3A securitisation exposure in the trading book that would be subject to deduction in accordance with GENPRU 2.2. (Capital resources) or to a 1250% risk weight in accordance with BIPRU 9 (Securitisation) is subject to a capital charge that is no less than that set out under those provisions, capped at the maximum possible default-risk-related loss. Unrated liquidity facilities are subject to a capital charge that is no less than that set out in BIPRU 9.
(1) Where a firm has two or more overlapping positions in a securitisation the firm must, to the extent that the positions overlap, include in its calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts only the position, or portion of a position, producing the higher risk weighted exposure amounts. The firm may also recognise such an overlap between capital charges for specific risk in relation to positions in the trading book and capital charges for positions in the non-trading book,