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BIPRU 7.10.100RRP
The profit and loss figure3 for a particular business day is the firm's actual profit or loss for that day in respect of the trading activities within the scope of the firm'sVaR model permission, adjusted by stripping out:3(1) fees and commissions;(2) brokerage;(3) additions to and releases from reserves which are not directly related to market risk (e.g. administration reserves); and(4) any inception profit exceeding an amount specified for this purpose in the firm'sVaR model
BIPRU 7.10.102GRP
The appropriate regulator will review as part of a firm'sVaR model permission application the processes and documentation relating to the derivation of profit and loss used for backtesting. A firm's documentation should clearly set out the basis for cleaning profit and loss. To the extent that certain profit and loss elements are not updated every day (for example certain reserve calculations) the documentation should clearly set out how such elements are included in the profit
BIPRU 7.10.103RRP
A backtesting exception is deemed to have occurred for any business day if the hypothetical profit and loss figure3 for that business day shows a loss, which in absolute magnitude, exceeds the one-day VaR measure for that business day. The only exception is if that business day is identified in the firm'sVaR model permission as giving rise to an excluded backtesting exception.3
BIPRU 7.10.106GRP
(1) This paragraph gives guidance on the process for excluding backtesting exceptions as referred to in BIPRU 7.10.103R.(2) The appropriate regulator will respond flexibly to backtesting exceptions. However, the appropriate regulator's starting assumption will be that a backtesting exception should be taken into account for the purpose of the calculation of plus factors. If the firm believes that a backtesting exception should not count for that purpose, then it should seek a
BIPRU 7.10.129RRP
A firm must, no later than the number of business days after the end of each quarter specified in the VaR model permission for this purpose, submit, in respect of that quarter, a report to the appropriate regulator about the operation of the VaR model, the systems and controls relating to it and any changes to the VaR model and those systems and controls. Each report must outline as a minimum the following information in respect of that quarter:(1) methodological changes and developments