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BIPRU 7.10.66RRP
A firm must establish, document and maintain policies, controls and procedures to an auditable standard:(1) concerning the operation of its VaR model approach; and(2) for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the policies, controls and procedures in (1).
BIPRU 7.10.68GRP
(1) An example of documents required by BIPRU 7.10.67R may be a manual that describes the basic principles of the risk management framework, clearly setting out empirical techniques, principles and assumptions used within it.(2) This documentation should be of sufficient detail for the appropriate regulator to be able to develop a clear understanding of how the VaR model works from that documentation on its own.
BIPRU 7.10.81GRP
In assessing whether the VaR model is implemented with integrity as described in BIPRU 7.10.58R (Stress testing), the appropriate regulator will consider in particular the information technology systems used to run the model and associated calculations. The assessment may include:(1) feeder systems; risk aggregation systems; time series databases; the VaR model system; stress testing system; the backtesting system including profit and loss cleaning systems where appropriate; data