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(1) The volatility-adjusted value of the collateral to be taken into account is calculated as follows in the case of all transactions except those transactions subject to recognised master netting agreements to which the provisions set out in BIPRU 5.6.5 R to BIPRU 5.6.29 R are to be applied:CVA = C x (1-HC-HFX)(2) The volatility-adjusted value of the exposure to be taken into account is calculated as follows:EVA = E x (1+HE), and in the case of financial derivative instruments
A firm must determine the exposure value of a financial derivative instrument in accordance with BIPRU 13, with the effects of contracts of novation and other netting agreements taken into account for the purposes of those methods in accordance with BIPRU 13.[Note: BCD Article 78(2) first sentence]
For the purposes of cross product netting, the following are considered different product categories:(1) repurchase transactions, reverse repurchase transactions, securities or commodities lending or borrowing transactions;(2) margin lending transactions; and(3) financial derivative instruments.[Note: BCD Annex III Part 7 point (a) (part)]