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(1) BIPRU 2.2 sets out guidance on GENPRU 1.2 (Adequacy of financial resources) so far as it applies to a BIPRU firm. In particular it sets out guidance on how a firm should carry out its ICAAP, as well as some factors the appropriate regulator will take into consideration when undertaking a SREP. The terms ICAAP and SREP are explained in BIPRU 2.2.4 G. BIPRU 2.2.41 R-BIPRU 2.2.43 R are rules that apply to a firm with an IRB permission.(2) BIPRU 2.2 is for the most part written
The adequacy of a firm's capital needs to be assessed both by a firm and the appropriate regulator. This process involves:(1) an internal capital adequacy assessment process (ICAAP), which a firm is obliged to carry out in accordance with the ICAAP rules; and(2) a supervisory review and evaluation process (SREP), which is conducted by the appropriate regulator.
The appropriate regulator will review a firm'sICAAP, including the results of the firm's stress tests carried out under GENPRU and BIPRU, as part of its SREP. Provided that the appropriate regulator is satisfied with the appropriateness of a firm's capital assessment, the appropriate regulator will take into account that firm'sICAAP and stress tests in its SREP. More material on stress tests for a firm with an IRB permission can be found in BIPRU 2.2.41 R to BIPRU 2.2.45 G.44
As part of its SREP, the appropriate regulator may ask a firm to provide it with the results of that firm'sICAAP, together with an explanation of the process used. Where appropriate, the appropriate regulator will ask for additional information on the ICAAP.