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(1) BIPRU 2.2 sets out guidance on GENPRU 1.2 (Adequacy of financial resources) so far as it applies to a BIPRU firm. In particular it sets out guidance on how a firm should carry out its ICAAP, as well as some factors the appropriate regulator will take into consideration when undertaking a SREP. The terms ICAAP and SREP are explained in BIPRU 2.2.4 G. BIPRU 2.2.41 R-BIPRU 2.2.43 R are rules that apply to a firm with an IRB permission.(2) BIPRU 2.2 is for the most part written
The adequacy of a firm's capital needs to be assessed both by a firm and the appropriate regulator. This process involves:(1) an internal capital adequacy assessment process (ICAAP), which a firm is obliged to carry out in accordance with the ICAAP rules; and(2) a supervisory review and evaluation process (SREP), which is conducted by the appropriate regulator.
The appropriate regulator will review a firm'sICAAP, including the results of the firm's stress tests carried out under GENPRU and BIPRU, as part of its SREP. Provided that the appropriate regulator is satisfied with the appropriateness of a firm's capital assessment, the appropriate regulator will take into account that firm'sICAAP and stress tests in its SREP. More material on stress tests for a firm with an IRB permission can be found in BIPRU 2.2.41 R to BIPRU 2.2.45 G.44
BIPRU 2.2.25 G to BIPRU 2.2.27 G set out what the appropriate regulator considers to be a proportional approach to preparing an ICAAP as referred to in GENPRU 1.2.35 R (The processes, strategies and systems required by the overall Pillar 2 rule should be comprehensive and proportionate), according to the relative degree of complexity of a firm's activities. If a firm adopts the appropriate approach, it may enable the appropriate regulator more easily to review a firm'sICAAP when