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BIPRU 13.6.41RRP
(1) The firm must have a control unit that is responsible for the design and implementation of its CCR management system, including the initial and on-going validation of the model.(2) This unit must control input data integrity and produce and analyse reports on the output of the firm's risk measurement model, including an evaluation of the relationship between measures of risk exposure and credit and trading limits.(3) This unit must be:(a) independent from units responsible
BIPRU 13.6.44RRP
A firm'sgoverning body and senior management must be actively involved in the CCR control process and must regard this as an essential aspect of the business to which significant resources need to be devoted. Senior management must be aware of the limitations and assumptions of the model used and the impact these can have on the reliability of the output. Senior management must also consider the uncertainties of the market environment and operational issues and be aware of how
BIPRU 13.6.45RRP
A firm must ensure that the daily reports prepared on its exposures to CCR are reviewed by a level of management with sufficient seniority and authority to enforce both reductions of positions taken by individual credit managers or traders and reductions in the firm's overall CCRexposure.[Note: BCD Annex III Part 6 point 21]
BIPRU 13.6.48RRP
(1) A firm must have a routine and rigorous program of stress testing in place as a supplement to the CCR analysis based on the day-to-day output of the firm's risk measurement model.(2) The results of this stress testing must be reviewed periodically by senior management and must be reflected in the CCR policies and limits set by management and the governing body.(3) Where stress tests reveal particular vulnerability to a given set of circumstances, prompt steps must be taken