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Consistent with Principle 11 (Relations with regulators), the appropriate regulator will expect a firm to notify it if the firm does not propose to follow its individual liquidity guidance. The appropriate regulator will expect any such notification to be accompanied by a clear account of the firm's reasons for considering the individual liquidity guidance to be inappropriate. The appropriate regulator will expect to receive any such notification within one month from the date
BIPRU 12.9.16GRP
Consistent with Principle 11 of the appropriate regulator'sPrinciplesfor Businesses (Relations with regulators), if a firm has not accepted individual liquidity guidance given by the appropriate regulator it should, nevertheless, notify the appropriate regulator as soon as it becomes aware of either of the events identified in BIPRU 12.9.14R (2)(a) or (b).
BIPRU 12.8.17GRP
In relation to an applicant firm wishing to rely on liquidity support from a parent undertaking constituted under the law of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom, the appropriate regulator will ordinarily expect to reach agreement with the authority that regulates that undertaking for liquidity purposes in a number of areas, including agreement that:(1) it will notify the appropriate regulator of any material or persistent breaches by that undertaking of that authority's
BIPRU 12.8.28GRP
2For the purpose of BIPRU 12.6.6 R, a firm must calculate:(1) its total assets by reference to its most recent FSA001 data item; and (2) its retail loans as the total of its lending to the retail sector recorded in cell 11A in its most recent FSA015 data item.