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A firm must ensure that:(1) it regularly carries out an ILAA;(2) it makes a written record of its ILAA;(3) its ILAA is proportionate to the nature, scale and complexity of its activities; (4) its ILAA takes into account whole-firm and group-wide liquidity resources only to the extent that reliance on these is permitted by the appropriate regulator;(5) its ILAA includes an assessment of the results of the stress tests required by BIPRU 12.5.6 R; and(6) its ILAA includes an assessment
The appropriate regulator will review the results of a firm'sILAA, including the results of the stress tests required by BIPRU 12.5.6R, as part of its Supervisory Liquidity Review Process (SLRP). The appropriate regulator's review of the stress test results will assist it assessing the adequacy of a firm's liquidity resources relative to other ILAS BIPRU firms and, consequently, in calibrating the individual liquidity guidance that it gives to that firm. BIPRU 12.9.2G sets out