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A firm which is a significant subsidiary of a parent financial holding company in the UK or a parent financial holding company in the UK2 must disclose the information specified in BIPRU 11.4.5 R on an individual or sub-consolidated basis.1
(1) 6A must be capable of being effectively supervised by the FCA having regard to all the circumstances including-(a) the nature (including the complexity) of the regulated activities that A carries on or seeks to carry on;(b) the complexity of any products that A provides or will provide in carrying on those activities;(c) the way in which A’s business is organised;(d) if A is a member of a group, whether membership of the group is likely to prevent the FCA’s effective supervision
(1) For the purposes of the threshold conditions set out in paragraphs 2C and 3B of Schedule 6 to the Act,6 and except in relation to an incorporated friendly society, an undertaking is a parent undertaking of another undertaking (a subsidiary undertaking) if any of the following apply to it:6(a) it holds a majority of the voting rights in the subsidiary undertaking; or(b) it is a member of the subsidiary undertaking and has the right to appoint or remove a majority of its board
A firm will not be a member of a non-UK sub-group5 unless it is1 also a member of a UK consolidation group. So the first step is to identify each undertaking in the firm'sUK consolidation group that satisfies the following conditions:(1) it isa CAD investment firm,4financial institution or asset management company whose head office is outside the UK5 (a third country investment services undertaking4);44(2) one of the following applies:(a) it is a subsidiary undertaking of a BIPRU
SYSC 12.1.1RRP
1Subject to SYSC 12.1.2 R to SYSC 12.1.4 R, this section applies to each of the following which is a member of a group:(1) a firm that falls into any one or more of the following categories:(a) a regulated entity that is:15(i) an investment firm, except a designated investment firm unless (ii) applies; or 15(ii) a credit institution or designated investment firm that is a subsidiary undertaking of a UK parent institution17 that is an IFPRU investment firm;15(b) [deleted]88(c)
SUP 16.17.4RRP
(1) A firm to which this rule applies must submit a High Earners Report to the FCA4 annually.94(2) The firm must submit that report to the FCA4 within four months of the end of the firm'saccounting reference date.94(3) A firm that is not part of a UK lead regulated group must complete that report on an unconsolidated basis in respect of remuneration awarded in the last completed financial year to all high earners of the firm who mainly undertook their professional activities within
Where a parent institution in the UK9 and its subsidiary undertakings or a parent financial holding company in the UK9 and its subsidiary undertakings or a parent mixed financial holding company in the UK9 and its subsidiary undertakings6 use the IRB approach on a unified basis, the question whether the minimum IRB standards are met is answered by considering the parent undertaking and its subsidiary undertakings together,6 unless the firm'sIRB permission specifies otherwise.[Note:
(1) To the extent that its IRB permission permits this, a firm permitted to use the IRB approach in the calculation of risk weighted exposure amounts and expected loss amounts3 for one or more IRB exposure classes may apply the standardised approach in accordance with this rule.3(2) A firm may apply the standardised approach to the IRB exposure class referred to in BIPRU 4.3.2 R (1) (Sovereigns) where the number of material counterparties is limited and it would be unduly burdensome
The parties to an RRD group financial support agreement must include:(1) one or more of the following: (a) [deleted]3(b) a UK parent institution3;(c) a financial holding company;(d) a mixed financial holding company; (e) a mixed activity holding company; and(2) one or more subsidiaries of the group member in (1) which is an RRD institution or a financial institution.
If the Part 4A permission of a firm contains a requirement obliging it to comply with this rule with respect to a third-country banking and investment group of which it is a member, it must comply, with respect to that third-country banking and investment group, with the rules in Part 2 of GENPRU 3 Annex 2, as adjusted by Part 3 of that annex.
(1) Where the firm's rating systems are used on a unified basis under article 20(6) of the UK CRR2, the FCA considers that the governance requirements in article 189 of the UK CRR2 can only be met if the subsidiaries have delegated to the governing body or designated committee of the UK parent institution, UK parent financial holding company or UK parent mixed financial holding company2 responsibility for approval of the firm's rating systems.(2) The FCA expects an appropriate
Where the firm'srating systems are used on a unified basis for the parent undertaking and its subsidiary undertakings under BIPRU 4.2.3 R, and approval and reporting of the ratings systems are carried out at the group level, the governance requirements in BIPRU 4.3.9 R and BIPRU 4.3.11 R may be met if:(1) the subsidiary undertakings have delegated to the governing body or designated committee of the parent institution in the UK or parent financial holding company in the UK5 responsibility