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APER 4.7.13GRP
Where the approved person performing an accountable higher management function5 becomes aware of actual or suspected problems that involve possible breaches of relevant requirements and standards of the regulatory system falling within their5 area of responsibility, then they5 should take reasonable steps to ensure that they are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner (APER 4.7.7G5). This may involve an adequate investigation to find out what systems or procedures may have
EG 3.11.1RP
1The FCA recognises that there are good reasons for firms wishing to carry out their own investigations. This might be for, for example, disciplinary purposes, general good management, or operational and risk control. The firm needs to know the extent of any problem, and it may want advice as to what immediate or short-term measures it needs to take to mitigate or correct any problems identified. The FCA encourages this proactive approach and does not wish to interfere with a
REC 2.16.3GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body has effective arrangements for the investigation and resolution of complaints arising in connection with the performance of, or failure to perform, any of its regulatory functions, the FCA3 may have regard to the extent to which the UK recognised body's resources and procedures enable it to:3(1) acknowledge complaints promptly;(2) make an objective, prompt and thorough initial investigation of complaints;(3) provide a timely reply to