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SUP 3.8.10GRP
(1) Auditors are subject to regulations made by the Treasury under sections 342(5) and 343(5) of the Act (Information given by auditor or actuary to a regulator). Section 343 and the regulations also apply to an auditor of an authorised person in his capacity as an auditor of a person who has close links with the authorised person.3(2) These regulations oblige auditors to report certain matters to the appropriate regulator. Sections 342(3) and 343(3) of the Act provide that an
3Deliberately failing to inform, without reasonable cause:(1) a customer; or(2) his APER employer5 (or its auditors or an actuary appointed by his APER employer5 under SUP 4 (Actuaries)1); or1(3) the FCA or the PRA;66of the fact that their understanding of a material issue is incorrect, despite being aware of their misunderstanding, falls within APER 4.1.2G.
3Behaviour of the type referred to in APER 4.2.3 G includes, but is not limited to:(1) failing to explain the risks of an investment to a customer;(2) failing to disclose to a customer details of the charges or surrender penalties of investment products;(3) mismarking trading positions;(4) providing inaccurate or inadequate information to a APER employer4, its auditors or an actuary appointed by his APER employer4 under SUP 4 (Actuaries)1;1(5) failing to disclose dealings where
EG 15.3.1RP
1When it decides whether to exercise its power to disqualify an auditor or actuary under section 345(1), and what the scope of any disqualification will be, the FCA will take into account all the circumstances of the case. These may include, but are not limited to, the following factors: (1) the nature and seriousness of any breach of rules and the effect of that breach: the rules are set out in SUP 3 (Auditors) and SUP 4 (Actuaries), and in the case of firms which are ICVCs,