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REC 2.15.5GRP
In assessing whether the arrangements include procedures for the fair, independent and impartial resolution of appeals against decisions of a UK recognised body, the FCA3 may have regard to at least the following factors: 3(1) the appeal procedures of the UK recognised body, including the composition and roles of any appeal committees or tribunals, and their relationship to the governing body; (2) the arrangements made to ensure prompt hearings of appeals from decisions made by
SUP 6.3.27GRP
When determining whether to grant an application, the relevant regulator27 may request further information, including reports from third parties such as the firm's auditors, and may require meetings with, and visits to, the firm. The relevant regulator27 may also require a statement from members of the firm's governing body confirming, to the best of their knowledge, the completeness and accuracy of the information supplied. The relevant regulator27 may also discuss the application
CASS 7.11.54RRP
(1) Where a firm wishes to release a balance allocated to an individual client under CASS 7.11.50 R it must comply with either (a) or (b) and, in either case, (2):(a) the firm must unconditionally undertake to pay to the client concerned a sum equal to the balance paid away to charity in the event of the client seeking to claim the balance in future; or(b) the firm must ensure that an unconditional undertaking in the terms set out in (a) is made by a member of its group and there
MCOB 11.6.20RRP
A firm must put in place, and operate in accordance with, a written policy (which may be contained in more than one document), approved by its governing body, setting out the factors it will take into account in assessing a customer's ability to pay the sums due. The policy must address the following matters:(1) how income and expenditure is to be assessed, including (except as provided in MCOB 11.6.32R (1) and MCOB 11.6.39R (1)): (a) details of the types of income which are acceptable;
CASS 7.13.43RRP
If a firm intends to pays its own money into a client bank account under CASS 7.13.41 R it must establish a written policy that is approved by its governing body (and retain such policy for a period of at least five years after the date it ceases to retain such money in a client bank account under CASS 7.13.41 R) detailing:(1) the specific anticipated risks in relation to which it would be prudent for the firm to make such payments into a client bank account;(2) why the firm considers
(1) This guidance sets out the basis on which a firm may rely upon a rating system or data provided by another member of its group.(2) A firm may rely upon a rating system or data provided by another member of its group if the following conditions are satisfied:(a) the firm only does so to the extent that it is appropriate, given the nature and scale of the firm's business and portfolios and the firm's position within the group;(b) the group is an banking and investment group9;(c)