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MCOB 1.2.10RRP
MCOB does not apply to an authorised professional firm with respect to its non-mainstream regulated activities except for MCOB 3A (Financial promotions and communications with customers).88
MCOB 1.2.11GRP
Authorised professional firms should be aware of the following:(1) PROF 5 (Non-mainstream regulated activities); and(2) MCOB 3A.1.3R8 (Authorised professional firms) and the exception in article 55 of the Financial Promotion Order (Communications by members of the professions) which applies in relation to financial promotion of qualifying credit or of a home reversion plan3 of authorised professional firms under MCOB 3A.1.9R(2)8 (Exemptions).838
SUP 12.2.13GRP
(1) An introducer is an individual appointed by a firm or by an appointed representative of such a firm to carry out, in the course of designated investment business, either or both of the following activities:4(a) effecting introductions; (b) distributing non-real time financial promotions.(2) An introducer is not an exempt person under section 39 of the Act (unless he is also an introducer appointed representative) and hence cannot benefit from the exemption to carry on regulated
Articles 53,1 53A, 53B,3 53C1, 53D 53DA4 and 53E 5of the Regulated Activities Order contain a number of elements, all of which must be present before a person will require authorisation. For guidance on whether a person is carrying on these regulated activities, see PERG 8 (Financial promotion and related activities),1PERG 4 (Guidance on regulated activities connected with mortgages), PERG 12.6 (Advising on conversion or transfer of pension benefits), 5, 3PERG 14.3, 3PERG 14.4
PERG 8.18.1GRP
A person involved in insurance business written at Lloyd’s may be making financial promotions when attracting another person:(1) to effect or carry out contracts of insurance written at Lloyd’s (where the controlled activity which is the subject of the financial promotion is effecting and carrying out contracts of insurance); or(2) to have assets held under funds at Lloyd’s (where the controlled activity may involve dealing in securities and contractually based investments, arranging
A person who is based outside the United Kingdom but who sets up an establishment in the United Kingdom must therefore consider the following matters. First, he must not, unless he is authorised, carry on regulated activities in the United Kingdom. Second, unless he is authorised, the day-to-day management of the carrying on of the regulated activity must not be the responsibility of the UK establishment. This may, for example, affect those UK establishments that in the context
This manual applies to:(1) a person who is considering carrying on activities in the United Kingdom which may fall within the scope of the Act and is seeking guidance on whether he needs to be an authorised person;(2) a person who seeks to become an authorised person under the Act and who is, or is considering, applying for Part 4A permission to carry on regulated activities in the United Kingdom;(3) a person who is seeking guidance on whether any communication he may be seeking
A person may be intending to carry on activities related to other forms of investment in connection with mortgages, such as advising on and arranging an endowment policy or ISA to repay an interest-only mortgage. Such a person should also consult the guidance in PERG 2 (Authorisation and regulated activities),2PERG 5 (Guidance on insurance distribution3 activities) and PERG 8 (Financial promotion and related activities). In addition, PERG 14 (Guidance on home reversion and home
Each of these aspects is considered in greater detail in the table in PERG 5.8.5 G. Where an activity is identified as not amounting to advising on investments (except P2P agreements)3 it could still form part of another regulated activity. This will depend upon whether a person's activities, viewed as a whole, amount to arranging. Additionally, it should be borne in mind that the provision of advice or information may involve the communication of a financial promotion (see PERG
(1) The Act, and the secondary legislation made under the Act, is complex. Although PERG gives guidance about regulated activities and financial promotions, it does not aim to, nor can it, be exhaustive.(2) References have been made to relevant provisions in the Act or secondary legislation. However, since reproducing an entire statutory provision would sometimes require a lengthy quotation, or considerable further explanation, many provisions of the Act, or secondary legislation
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
(1) A person to whom a firm provides, intends to provide or has provided:(a) a service in the course of carrying on a regulated activity; or(b) in the case of MiFID or equivalent third country business, an ancillary service,is a "client" of that firm.4(2) A "client" includes a potential client.(3) In relation to the financial promotion rules, a person to whom a financial promotion is or is likely to be communicated is a "client" of a firm that communicates or approves it.(4) A