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This table belongs to COLL 3.2.4 R (Matters which must be included in the instrument constituting the fund14)14Name of scheme1A statement of:(1) the name of the authorised fund; and(2) whether the authorised fund is a UCITS scheme or a non-UCITS retail scheme.Investment powers in eligible markets2A statement that, subject to any restriction in the rules in this sourcebook or the instrument constituting the fund14, the scheme has the power to invest in any eligible securities market
COLL 12.3.5RRP
An EEA UCITS management company that manages a UCITS scheme must comply with the rules of the FCAHandbook which relate to the constitution and functioning of the UCITS scheme (the fund application rules), as follows:(1) the setting up and authorisation of the UCITS scheme (COLL 1 (Introduction), COLL 2 (Authorised fund applications), COLL 3 (Constitution), COLL 6.5 (Appointment and replacement of the authorised fund manager and the depositary), COLL 6.6 (Powers and duties of
(1) The authorised fund manager operates the scheme on a day-to-day basis. Its operation is determined by the rules in this chapter, which require appropriate powers in the instrument constituting the fund3 or refer to the need to state the relevant operating procedures in the prospectus of the scheme.3(2) (a) 4The authorised fund manager does not necessarily have to carry out all the activities it is responsible for and may delegate functions to other persons.(b) 4The rules in
(1) 2This section applies to:(a) the authorised fund manager of a feeder UCITS;(b) the depositary of a feeder UCITS; and(c) an ICVC which is a feeder UCITS;where the scheme is a UCITS scheme.(2) Where this section refers to a rule or guidance in COLL 5.1 to COLL 5.5 , those rules and guidance, and any rules and guidance to which they refer, must be read as if a reference to a UCITS scheme were a reference to a feeder UCITS.(3) Where the sub-fund of a UCITS scheme is a feeder UCITS,
(1) The FCA expects that the majority of requests it will receive for the winding up of an authorised fund (under regulation 21(1) of the OEIC Regulations or under sections1 256 or 261W1 of the Act) or termination of a sub-fund will be from authorised fund managers and depositaries who consider that the AUT, ACS1, ICVC or sub-fund in question is no longer commercially viable.(2) It is in consumers' interests to minimise, as far as possible, the period between which the FCA receives
This table belongs to COLL 8.2.5 R1Description of the authorised fundInformation detailing:(1)the name of the authorised fund;(2)that the authorised fund is a qualified investor scheme; and(3)in the case of an ICVC, whether the head office of the company is situated in England and Wales or Wales or Scotland or Northern Ireland.3Property Authorised Investment Funds1AFor a property authorised investment fund, a statement that:(1)it is a property authorised investment fund;(2)no
(1) If a scheme of arrangement is entered into in relation to an authorised fund ("transferor fund") or a sub-fund of a scheme which is an umbrella ("transferor sub-fund"), an authorised fund manager must ensure that the unitholders of the transferor fund or sub-fund do not become unitholders of units in a collective investment scheme other than a regulated collective investment scheme.(2) For a UCITS scheme or a sub-fund of a UCITS scheme, (1) applies as if the reference to a
(1) Subject to 1(A),3COLL 5.1 to COLL 5.5 apply to the authorised fund manager and the depositary of an authorised fund, and to an ICVC, which is or ever has been a UCITS scheme.(1A) The only sections of COLL 5 that apply to the authorised fund manager and the depositary of a feeder UCITS, and to an ICVC which is a feeder UCITS, are COLL 5.3 and COLL 5.8, although particular rules in COLL 5.1, COLL 5.2 and COLL 5.5 are incorporated by reference.3(2) Subject to 2(A),1COLL 5.1,
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444