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An illustration provided to a customer must:(1) contain the material set out in MCOB 5 Annex 1 in the order and using the numbered section headings, sub-headings and prescribed text in MCOB 5 Annex 1, except where provided for in MCOB 5.6;(2) follow the layout of the template in MCOB 5 Annex 1 with:(a) prominent use of the Key facts3 logo followed by the text 'about this mortgage';33(b) each section clearly separated;(c) all the amounts to be paid in Sections 5, 6, 8 and 9 in
As a minimum the illustration must be personalised to reflect the following requirements of the customer:(1) the specific regulated mortgage contract in which the customer is interested;(2) the amount of the loan required;(3) the price or value of the property on which the regulated mortgage contract would be secured (estimated where necessary);(4) the term of the regulated mortgage contract. If 12the customer is unable to suggest a date at which they expect to repay the loan,
The amount referred to in MCOB 5.6.6 R(2) is:(1) in cases where on the basis of the information obtained from the customer before providing the illustration it is clear that the customer would not be eligible to borrow the amount he requested, an estimate of the amount that the customer could borrow based on the information obtained from the customer; or(2) where the regulated mortgage contract is a revolving credit agreement such as a secured overdraft or mortgage credit card:4(a)
MCOB 5.6.25RRP
Under the section heading 'Description of this mortgage' the illustration must:(1) state the name of the mortgage lender providing the regulated mortgage contract to which the illustration relates (a trading name used by the mortgage lender may also be stated in accordance with MCOB 5.6.2 R(6)), and the name, if any, used to market the regulated mortgage contract;(2) (a) provide a description of the interest rate type and rate of interest that applies in accordance with the format
MCOB 5.6.44GRP
If appropriate, the two statements required by MCOB 5.6.42 R(1) and MCOB 5.6.42 R(2) may be merged, for example 'These payments are based on a loan amount of £x and assume that the mortgage will start on [dd/mm/yy]'.
MCOB 5.6.121RRP
Under the section heading 'Where can you get more information about mortgages?', the prescribed text under this heading in MCOB 5 Annex 1 must be included.
MCOB 9.4.74GRP
Firms are reminded that MCOB 5.4.23 R requires a firm to provide a customer with an accurate quotation for any tied products. Where the level of cover the firm requires the customer to take up is known at the outset, then the quotation should reflect that level of cover.
MCOB 7.6.11GRP
For the purposes of MCOB 7.6.9 R(3) and (4):(1) a customer's existing mortgage includes a mortgage entered into prior to 31 October 2004 as well as a regulated mortgage contract;(2) the frequency of payments is that in MCOB 5.6.40 R; and (3) a firm may generally rely on information provided by the customer unless, taking a common-sense view of this information, it has reason to doubt it.
MCOB 5.4.16GRP
3MCOB 53 places no restrictions on the provision of information that is not specific to the amount the customer wants to borrow, for example, marketing literature including generic mortgage repayment tables or graphs illustrating the benefits of making a regular overpayment on a flexible mortgage. Such literature may, however, constitute a financial promotion2 and be subject to the provisions of MCOB 3A4(Financial promotions and communications with customers).424
6Where a customer is looking to take out a retirement interest-only mortgage, the firm must inform the customer, either orally or in writing, that a lifetime mortgage may be available and more appropriate for the customer.
12Where it is otherwise reasonable for "savings" to be brought into account, determining whether or not a complainant is of sufficient means and, if so, to what extent the "savings" are to be brought into account, will have to be based on the facts of each individual case. It will be appropriate to require the complainant to provide adequate information to assist the firm in this task. Matters to be taken into account in this assessment may include:(1) the length of the remaining
(1) Where a firm issues an ESIS in relation to an MCD lifetime mortgage, the firm must simultaneously issue the consumer with a document in a durable medium containing the statements and warnings set out in the following rules, as modified by (2) below, as if the mortgage was an MCD exempt lifetime mortgage: MCOB 9.4.33 R, MCOB 9.4.35 R, MCOB 9.4.62 R, and MCOB 9.4.63 R only.(2) The document issued under (1) must contain the prescribed section headings but need not contain section
PERG 4.6.16GRP
In the FCA's opinion, however, such information may7 take on the nature of advice if the circumstances in which it is provided give it the force of a recommendation. For example:7(1) a person may provide information on a selected, rather than balanced7, basis that would tend to influence the decision of the borrower; and7(2) a person, as a result of going through the sales process, may discuss7 the merits of one regulated mortgage contract over another, resulting in advice to
If, notwithstanding the steps taken by a firm to comply with MCOB 1.6.3 R, it transpires that a mortgage which the firm has treated as unregulated or as a regulated credit agreement4 is in fact a regulated mortgage contract, the firm must as soon as practicable after the correct status of the mortgage has been established:(1) contact the customer and provide him with the following information in a durable medium:(a) a statement that the mortgage contract is a regulated mortgage
If a firm chooses to issue an offer document in addition to an ESIS, it will need to comply with MCOB 6A.3.1R (MCD Mortgages: content of the offer document).
(1) Paragraphs (2) to (5) apply to CONC 4.1.3 R and CONC 4.1.4 R (rules on content of quotations).(2) “Quotation” means any document by which a person gives a customer information about the terms on which the person or a lender or owner is prepared to do business, but it does not include:(a) a communication which is also a financial promotion;(b) any document given to a customer under section 58 of the CCA (opportunity for withdrawal from prospective land mortgage);(c) any document
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
A business illustration or high net worth illustration3provided to a customer must:(1) use the headings and prescribed text in MCOB 5 Annex 1 (except as provided in MCOB 5.7) but need not follow the format;(2) include the content required by MCOB 5.6.3 R to MCOB 5.6.128 R4 (except MCOB 5.6.5 R, MCOB 5.6.101 R, MCOB 5.6.109 R to MCOB 5.6.112 G, MCOB 5.6.120 R and MCOB 5.6.121 R);14(3) use the key facts logo followed by the text 'about this [term used by the firm to describe the
MCOB 5A places no restrictions on the provision of information that is not specific to the amount the consumer wants to borrow. For example, marketing literature, including generic mortgage repayment tables or graphs illustrating the benefits of making a regular overpayment on a flexible mortgage. However, such literature may constitute a financial promotion and be subject to MCOB 3A (Financial promotions and communications with customers).
If a firm makes an offer to a customer with a view to entering into a regulated mortgage contract that includes a mortgage credit card, it must provide the customer with information explaining that the card will not give the customer the statutory rights associated with traditional credit cards.