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(1) CONC 3 does not apply (apart from the provisions in (2)) to a financial promotion or communication that consists of only one or more of the following:(a) the name or a trading name 3of the firm (or its appointed representative);(b) a logo;(c) a contact point (address (including e-mail address), telephone, facsimile number and website address);(d) a brief, factual description of the type of product or service provided by the firm.(2) The provisions in CONC 3 which apply to
(1) This rule applies where, instead of returning a safe custody asset to a client, a firm (Firm A) is able to transfer the safe custody asset to another person (Firm B) for safekeeping on behalf of the client.(2) Firm A may only effect such a transfer if, in advance of the transfer, it has obtained a contractual undertaking from Firm B that:(a) where regulation 10C(3) of the IBSA Regulations does not apply, Firm B will return the safe custody asset to the client at the client’s
The rules in this chapter adopt various concepts from the restriction on financial promotions by unauthorised persons in section 21(1) of the Act (Restrictions on financial promotion). Guidance on that restriction and the communications which are exempt from it is contained in PERG 8 (Financial promotion and related activities) and that guidance will be relevant to interpreting these rules. In particular, guidance on the meaning of:(1) 'communicate' is in PERG 8.6 (Communicate);
CONC 7.17.7RRP
The notice required by CONC 7.17.4 R must contain the following information:(1) a form of wording to the effect that the notice is given in compliance with the rules because the borrower is behind with the sums payable under the agreement;(2) a form of wording encouraging the borrower to discuss the state of his account with the firm;(3) the date of the notice;(4) (a) the name, telephone number or numbers, the postal address, and, where appropriate, any other address of the firm;
MAR 1.10.4GRP
Behaviour3conforming with any of the rules of the Takeover Codeabout the timing, dissemination or availability, content and standard of care applicable to a disclosure, announcement, communication or release of information, is unlikely to3, of itself, amount to market abuse, if:1(1) the rule is one of those specified in the table in MAR 1.10.5G3;(2) the behaviour3is expressly required or expressly permitted by the rule in question (the notes for the time being associated
CASS 6.6.54RRP
(1) This rule applies where a firm identifies a discrepancy as a result of, or that reveals, a shortfall, which the firm has not yet resolved.(2) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (4)7, until the discrepancy is resolved a firm must do one of the following:(a) appropriate a sufficient number of its own applicable assets to cover the value of the shortfall and hold them for the relevant clients under the custody rules in such a way that the applicable assets, or the proceeds of their
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).