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(1) There are certain additional disclosure requirements laid down by the rules which implemented8 the Distance Marketing Directive that will have to be provided by a mortgage intermediary,6 a home purchase intermediary and a SRB intermediary64 to a consumer5 prior to the conclusion of a distance mortgage mediation contract,66 a distance home purchase mediation contract4 or a distance regulated sale and rent back mediation contract.6 The purpose of this section, MCOB 4.5, is to
GEN 2.2.14 R (References to writing) has the effect that electronic media may be used to make communications that are required by the Handbook to be 'in writing' unless a contrary intention appears. In MCOB, the use of an electronic medium is restricted in certain circumstances to a durable medium as required by the Distance Marketing Directive.
COBS 14.2.7RRP
A firm is not required to provide a key features document or a key features illustration2for: (1) [deleted]17(2) a life policy if:13(a) [deleted]21(b) the client is habitually resident outside the United Kingdom and the sale is not by distance contract.(3) a traded life policy; or17(4) an interest in an investment trust savings scheme.17[Note: in respect of (2), articles 4(1) and 16 of the Distance Marketing Directive and article 185 of the Solvency II Directive13]13
EG 19.10.3RP
Regulation 11 (Automatic cancellation of an attached distance contract) of the Distance Marketing Regulations, has the effect that when notice of cancellation is given in relation to a contract, that notice also operates to cancel any attached contract, which is also a distance financial services contract. An example of such an attached contract might be a distance non-investment insurance contract.
COBS 15.5.6GRP
Where a life policy or unit bought on opening or transferring an ISA is cancellable, the right to cancel, or substitute right to withdraw, applies to the entire arrangement. For example, a maxi-ISA comprising a life policy in the stocks and shares component and a cash component would be cancellable as a whole with a cancellation period of 30 calendar days. However, a firm is free to give the consumer the option of cancelling individual components separately with the same cancellation
MCOB 6.9.11RRP
The SRB agreement provider must keep a record of the written pre-offer document at Stage One and the written offer document for signing at Stage Two for a period of:(1) one year after the end of the fixed term of the tenancy under the regulated sale and rent back agreement; or(2) five years from the date of the disclosures and warnings, written offer documents and cooling-off period notices;whichever is the longer.