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LR 10.1.2GRP
The purpose of this chapter is to ensure that shareholders of companies with securities5listed:3(1) are notified of certain transactions entered into by the listed company; and(2) have the opportunity to vote on larger proposed transactions.
LR 10.1.3RRP
In this chapter (except where specifically provided to the contrary) a reference to a transaction by a listed company:(1) (subject to paragraphs (3),(4) and (5)) includes all agreements (including amendments to agreements) entered into by the listed company or its subsidiary undertakings;(2) includes the grant or acquisition of an option as if the option had been exercised except that, if exercise is solely at the listed company's or subsidiary undertaking's discretion, the transaction
LR 12.6.3RRP
If by virtue of its holding treasury shares, a listed company is allotted shares as part of a capitalisation issue, the company must notify a RIS as soon as possible and in any event by no later than 7:30 a.m. on the business day following the calendar day on which allotment occurred of the following information:(1) the date of the allotment;(2) the number of shares allotted;(3) a statement as to what number of shares allotted have been cancelled and what number is being held
LR 12.6.4RRP
Any sale for cash, transfer for the purposes of or pursuant to an employees' share scheme or cancellation of treasury shares that represents over 0.5% of the listed company'sshare capital 2 must be notified to a RIS as soon as possible and in any event by no later than 7:30 a.m. on the business day following the calendar day on which the sale, transfer or cancellation occurred. The notification must include:2(1) the date of the sale, transfer or cancellation;(2) the number of
LR 12.1.2RRP
This chapter contains rules applicable to a listed company that:(1) purchases its own equity shares; or(2) purchases its own securities other than equity shares; or(3) sells or transfers treasury shares; or(4) [deleted]4(5) purchases its own securities from a related party.
LR 12.1.3RRP
LR 12.2 to LR 12.5 do not apply to a transaction entered into:(1) in the ordinary course of business by a securities dealing business; or(2) on behalf of third parties either by the company or any member of its group;if the listed company has established and maintains effective Chinese walls between those responsible for any decision relating to the transaction and those in possession of inside information relating to the listed company.
LR 10.4.1RRP
(1) A listed company must notify a RIS as soon as possible after the terms of a class 2 transaction are agreed.(2) The notification must include:(a) details of the transaction, including the name of the other party to the transaction;(b) a description of the business carried on by, or using, the net assets the subject of the transaction;(c) the consideration, and how it is being satisfied (including the terms of any arrangements for deferred consideration);(d) the value of the
LR 10.4.2RRP
(1) A listed company must notify a RIS as soon as possible if, after the notification under LR 10.4.1 R, it becomes aware that:(a) there has been a significant change affecting any matter contained in that earlier notification; or(b) a significant new matter has arisen which would have been required to be mentioned in that earlier notification if it had arisen at the time of the preparation of that notification.(2) The supplementary notification must give details of the change
LR 8.3.4RRP
Where, in relation to a sponsor service,1 a sponsor gives any guidance or advice to a listed company or applicant on 1 the application or interpretation of the listing rules or disclosure requirements7 and transparency rules2, the sponsor must take reasonable steps to satisfy itself that the director or directors of the listed company understand their responsibilities and obligations 1under the listing rules and disclosure requirements7 and transparency rules.21112112
LR 8.3.14RRP
1If a listed company or applicant appoints more than one sponsor to provide a sponsor service6 then:6(1) the appointment does not relieve either of the appointed sponsors of their obligations under LR 8; and(2) the sponsors are each responsible for complying with the obligations under LR 8 .66
LR 8.3.15GRP
6If a listed company or applicant appoints more than one sponsor to provide a sponsor service, the FCA expects the sponsors to co-operate with each other in relation to the sponsor service, including by establishing arrangements for the sharing of information as appropriate having regard to the sponsor service.
LR 3.4.9RRP
An issuer4 that seeks admission of debt securities referred to in article 1(2)(b) and (d) of the Prospectus Regulation5 must submit to the FCA in final form a completed Application for Admission of Securities to the Official List.Note: The Application for Admission of Securities to the Official List form can be found on the UKLA section of the FCA's website.1
LR 3.4.10RRP
LR 3.4.7 R, LR 3.4.8 R and 1LR 3.4.11 R to LR 3.4.13 R apply to applications for admission to listing of debt securities by a public sector issuer other than one referred to in LR 3.4.9 R.
LR 12.5.1RRP
Except where the purchases will consist of individual transactions made in accordance with the terms of issue of the relevant securities, where1 a listed company intends to purchase any of its securities convertible into its equity shares2 with a premium listing2 it must:1(1) ensure that no dealings in the relevant securities are carried out by or on behalf of the company or any member of its group until the proposal has either been notified to a RIS or abandoned; and(2) notify
LR 12.5.7RRP
Where, within a period of 12 months, a listed company purchases warrants or options over its own equity shares which, on exercise, convey the entitlement to equity shares representing 15% or more of the company's existing issued shares (excluding treasury shares), the company must send to its shareholders a circular containing the following information:(1) a statement of the directors' intentions regarding future purchases of the company's warrants and options;(2) the number and
LR 13.7.1RRP
(1) A circular relating to a resolution proposing to give the company authority to purchase its own equity securities must also include:(a) if the authority sought is a general one, a statement of the directors' intentions about using the authority;(b) if known, the method by which the company intends to acquire its equity shares and the number to be acquired in that way;(c) a statement of whether the company intends to cancel the equity shares or hold them in treasury;(d) if
LR 13.7.1AGRP
4In considering whether an explanation given in a circular satisfies the requirement in LR 13.7.1R (1)(g), the FCA would expect the following information to be included in the explanation:(1) the shareholdings of substantial shareholders in the listed company before and after the proposed transaction; and(2) the shareholdings of a holder of equity shares who may become a substantial shareholder in the listed company as a result of the proposed transaction.
LR 1.4.2RRP
If a listing rule refers to a requirement in legislation applicable to a listed company incorporated in the United Kingdom, a listed overseas company must comply with the requirement so far as:(1) information available to it enables it to do so; and(2) compliance is not contrary to the law in its country of incorporation.
LR 1.4.3RRP
A listed overseas company must, if required to do so by the FCA, provide the FCA with a letter from an independent legal adviser explaining why compliance with a requirement referred to in LR 1.4.2 R is contrary to the law in its country of incorporation.
LR 13.4.3RRP
(1) If a class 1 circular relates to a takeover offer which is recommended by the offeree's board and the listed company has had access to due diligence information on the offeree at the time the class 1 circular is published, the listed company must prepare and publish the working capital statement on the basis that the acquisition has taken place.(2) If a class 1 circular relates to a takeover offer which has not been recommended by the offeree's board or the listed company
LR 13.4.5RRP
If a listed company makes significant reference to the value of a property in a class 1 circular, the class 1 circular must include a property valuation report.
LR 13.3.1RRP
Every circular sent by a listed company to holders of its listed securities must:(1) provide a clear and adequate explanation of its subject matter giving due prominence to its essential characteristics, benefits and risks;(2) state why the security holder is being asked to vote or, if no vote is required, why the circular is being sent;(3) if voting or other action is required, contain all information necessary to allow the security holders to make a properly informed decision;(4)
LR 13.3.3RRP
1If a listed company includes pro forma financial information in a class 1 circular, a related party circular or a circular relating to the purchase by the company of 25% or more its issued equity shares (excluding treasury shares), it must comply with the requirements for pro forma financial information set out in the PR Regulation2.
LR 8.1.2RRP
A company with, or applying for, a premium listing3 must comply with LR 8.2 (When a sponsor must be appointed or its guidance2 obtained) and LR 8.5 (Responsibilities of listed companies).332
LR 14.1.1RRP
1This chapter applies to a company3 with, or applying for, a standard listing3 of shares5 other than:53354(1) 5equity shares issued by a company that is an investment entity unless it has a premium listing of a class of its equity shares; and(2) preference shares that are specialist securities.323555
LR 12.3.1RRP
Where a purchase by a listed company of its own equitysecurities or preference shares is to be made from a related party, whether directly or through intermediaries, LR 11 (Related party transactions) must be complied with unless:(1) a tender offer is made to all holders of the class of securities; or(2) in the case of a market purchase pursuant to a general authority granted by shareholders, it is made without prior understanding, arrangement or agreement between the listed company
LR 14.3.23RRP
1A listed company that is not already required to comply with the transparency rules8must comply with DTR 4, DTR 5 and DTR 6 as if it were an issuer for the purposes of the transparency rules.
LR 14.3.24RRP
2A listed company that is not already required to comply with DTR 7.2 (Corporate governance statements)8 must comply with DTR 7.2 as if it were an issuer to which that section applies.
LR 8.2.1RRP
A company with, or applying for, a premium listing of its securities11 must appoint a sponsor on each occasion that it:45(1) is required to submit any of the following documents to the FCA in connection with6 an application for admission of securities115 to premium listing6:66(a) a prospectus or supplementary prospectus13; or671(b) [deleted]126(c) a summary document as required by article 1(5)(j) of the Prospectus Regulation13; or6(d) listing particulars referred to in LR 15.3.3
DTR 5.1.1RRP
1In this chapter:(1) references to an2 "issuer", in relation to shares admitted to trading on a regulated market, are to an issuer whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market11;2(2) references to a "non-UKissuer" are to an issuer whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market11other than:(a) a public company within the meaning of section 4(2)7of the Companies Act 200674; and434433477(b) a company which is otherwise incorporated in, and whose principal
The treatment of BIPRU 5.7.9 R applies, also, to an exposure which is not counter-guaranteed by an entity listed in that rule if the exposure's counter-guarantee is in its turn directly guaranteed by one of the listed entities and the conditions listed in BIPRU 5.7.9 R are satisfied.[Note: BCD Annex VIII Part 2 point 17]
LR 8.4.12RRP
A sponsor must not submit to the FCA, on behalf of a listed company, a circular regarding a transaction set out in LR 8.4.11 R for approval8, unless the sponsor has come to a reasonable opinion, after having made due and careful enquiry, that:8(1) the listed company has satisfied all requirements of the listing rules relevant to the production of a class 1 circular or other circular;(2) the transaction will not have an adverse impact on the listed company's ability to comply with