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CASS 11.10.7GRP
Putting a client into the position he would have been in had the delay not occurred under CASS 11.10.6 R should include paying to the client a sum equivalent to the amount of any additional interest which would not have accrued but for the delay and any default charges that have been applied to the account as a result of the delay.
(1) [deleted]77(2) 7[deleted]7(3) [deleted]77(3A) [deleted]77(4) [deleted]77(5) [deleted]525(6) [deleted]77(7) The debt management client money chapter applies to CASS debt management firms receiving or holding client money for, or on behalf of, a client in the course of or in connection with debt management activity.6
CASS 7.14.5GRP
(1) Money arising from, or in connection with, the holding of a safe custody assets by a firm which is due to clients should, unless treated otherwise under the client money rules, be treated as client money by the firm. (2) Firms are reminded of the guidance in CASS 6.1.2 G.
CASS 11.6.1RRP
A CASS debt management firm receives and holds client money as trustee on the following terms: (1) for the purposes and on the terms of the debt management client money rules and the debt management client money distribution rules; (2) subject to (3), for the clients for whom that money is held, according to their respective interests in it;(3) on failure of the CASS debt management firm, for the payment of the costs properly attributable to the distribution of the client money
(1) A firm which holds client money can discharge its obligation to ensure adequate protection for its clients in respect of such money by complying with CASS 5.3 which provides for such money to be held by the firm on the terms of a trust imposed by the rules.(2) The trust imposed by CASS 5.3 is limited to a trust in respect of client money which a firm receives and holds. The consequential and supplementary requirements in CASS 5.5 are designed to secure the proper segregation
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
(1) A firm which has in its possession or control documents evidencing a client's title to a contract of insurance or other similar documents (other than documents of no value) or which takes into its possession or control tangible assets belonging to a client, must take reasonable steps to ensure that any such documents or items of property:(a) are kept safe until they are delivered to the client;(b) are not delivered or given to any other person except in accordance with instructions
A firm may not handle client money in accordance with the rules in this section unless each of the following conditions is satisfied:(1) the firm must have and maintain systems and controls which are adequate to ensure that the firm is able to monitor and manage its client money transactions and any credit risk arising from the operation of the trust arrangement and, if in accordance with CASS 5.4.2 R a firm complies with both the rules in CASS 5.3 and CASS 5.4, such systems and
CASS 7.12.3GRP
The risk of loss or diminution of rights in connection with client money can arise where a firm's organisational arrangements give rise to the possibility that client money held by the firm may be paid for the account of a client whose money is yet to be received by the firm. Consistent with the requirement to hold client money as trustee (see CASS 7.17.5 G), a firm should ensure its organisational arrangements are adequate to minimise such a risk. This may include, for example,
CASS 6.6.54RRP
(1) This rule applies where a firm identifies a discrepancy as a result of, or that reveals, a shortfall, which the firm has not yet resolved.(2) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (4)7, until the discrepancy is resolved a firm must do one of the following:(a) appropriate a sufficient number of its own applicable assets to cover the value of the shortfall and hold them for the relevant clients under the custody rules in such a way that the applicable assets, or the proceeds of their