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EG 16.2.5RP
1When it decides whether to exercise its power to disapply an exemption from the general prohibition in relation to a member, the FCA will take into account all relevant circumstances which may include, but are not limited to, the following factors: (1) Disciplinary or other action taken by the relevant designated professional body, where that action relates to the fitness and propriety of the member concerned: where the FCA considers that its concerns in relation to the fitness
MAR 10.5.8GRP
1The power of the FCA referred to in MAR 10.5.2G is exercisable subject to the decision-making procedures in DEPP 2 Annex 2G (Supervisory notices) (and other provisions in DEPP, as appropriate).
EG 2.10.2RP
1Equally, however, FCA-confirmed Industry Guidance is not mandatory. The FCA does not regard adherence to Industry Guidance as the only means of complying with FCArules and Principles. Rather, it provides examples of behaviour which meets the FCA's requirements; and non-compliance with confirmed Industry Guidance creates no presumption of a breach of those requirements.
10The FCA recognises that some transfers of units arise by operation of law (such as upon death or bankruptcy of the unitholder, or otherwise) and are accordingly outside the control of the authorised contractual scheme manager. The authorised contractual scheme manager is expected to comply with its responsibilities under COLL 8.5.10E R (Redemption of ACS units in a QIS by an authorised contractual scheme manager) in those cases by redeeming those units.
In determining whether a UK recognised body is a fit and proper person, the FCA2 may have regard to any relevant factor including, but not limited to, how the UK recognised body and key individuals have complied with any relevant law (see REC 2.4.3 G (9)).2
LR 7.2.1RRP
The Listing Principles are as follows:Listing3 Principle 1A listed company must take reasonable steps to establish and maintain adequate procedures, systems and controls to enable it to comply with its obligations.33Listing3 Principle 2A listed company must deal with the FCA in an open and co-operative manner.33Principle 3[deleted]33Principle 4[deleted]33Principle 5[deleted]33Principle 6[deleted]33
LR 7.2.2GRP
Listing Principle 13 is intended to ensure that listed companies have adequate procedures, systems and controls to enable them to comply with their obligations under the listing rules, disclosure requirements4, transparency rules and corporate governance rules.3 In particular, the FCA considers that listed companies should place particular emphasis on ensuring that they have adequate procedures, systems and controls in relation to, where applicable:333(1) identifying whether any
LR 14.3.2RRP
(1) A company2 must comply with LR 14.2.2 R at all times.2(2) A company2 that no longer complies with LR 14.2.2 R must notify the FCA as soon as possible of its non-compliance.2
RCB 4.2.3GRP
(1) When deciding whether to take enforcement action under Part 7 of the RCB Regulations, and what form that enforcement action should take, the FCA will consider all relevant factors, including:(a) the relevant factors on decisions to take action set out in DEPP 6.2.1 G;(b) whether any contractual or other arrangements agreed between the parties can be used effectively to address any perceived failure under the RCB Regulations; and(c) the interests of investors in the relevant
This guidance is issued under section 139A of Act (Guidance). It is designed to throw light on particular aspects of regulatory requirements, not to be an exhaustive description of a person's obligations. If a person acts in line with the guidance in the circumstances contemplated by it, then the FCA will proceed on the footing that the person has complied with aspects of the requirement to which the guidance relates.
For the purpose of CASS 1A.2.9R (1), the FCA will treat that obligation as satisfied if a firm submitted4 a CMAR for each period within the previous calendar year 4 in compliance with SUP 16.14.3 R.3434343
SUP 16.11.11RRP
(1) A firm may appoint another person to provide a 7data report on the firm's behalf if the firm has informed the FCA16 of that appointment in writing.716(2) Where (1) applies, the firm must ensure that the data report complies with the requirements of SUP 16.11 and identifies the originator of the transaction.