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REC 2.4.3GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body is a fit and proper person, the FCA4 may have regard to any relevant factor including, but not limited to:4(1) the commitment shown by the UK recognised body'smanagement body5 to satisfying the recognition requirements and to complying with other obligations in or under the Act;(2) its arrangements, policies and resources for fulfilling its obligations under the Act in relation to its activities as a UK recognised body;(3) the extent
REC 2.14.5GRP
(1) In determining whether a UK recognised body's procedures for consulting members and other users of its facilities are appropriate, the FCA3 may have regard to the range of persons to be consulted by the UK recognised body under those procedures. 3(2) In the FCA's3 view, consultation with a smaller range of persons may be appropriate where limited, technical changes to a UK recognised body's rules are proposed.3(3) In the FCA's3 view, a UK recognised body's procedures may include