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(1) 2Firms must provide advice in a durable medium, unless CONC 8.3.4AR applies. Where questions over the application of that exemption may arise, for example, in relation to advice given to a customer at an initial meeting or telephone call, the following considerations may be relevant:(a) if a firm never charges for advice and never enters into contracts with customers for debt solutions, CONC 8.3.4AR may remove the requirement to provide advice to the customer in a durable
(1) 7If a special administrator has been appointed to the firm under the IBSA Regulations then they will be required to carry out a reconciliation under regulation 10H of the IBSA Regulations. (2) Notwithstanding regulation 10H of the IBSA Regulations, CASS 7.15 has application to a firm after a primary pooling event, meaning, for example, that ongoing compliant record-keeping is required (see CASS 7.15.15R(4) (Internal client money reconciliations) and CASS 7.15.26AR (Frequency
(1) If a firm receives information that puts it in the position described in CASS 8.2.1 R (4) in order to effect transactions immediately on receiving that information, then such information could only amount to a mandate if the firm retained3it (for example by not destroying the relevant document, electronic record or telephone recording3):3(a) after it uses it to effect those immediate transactions; or(b) because those transactions are not, for whatever reason, effected immediately.(2)
SYSC 19C.3.53GRP
(1) Variable remuneration may be justified, for example, to incentivise employees involved in new business ventures which could be loss-making in their early stages. (2) The governing body (or, where appropriate, the remuneration committee) should approve performance adjustment policies, including the triggers under which adjustment would take place. The FCA may ask firms to provide a copy of their policies and expects firms to make adequate records of material decisions to operate
(1) The ESIS can contain the MCD mortgage lender's or MCD mortgage credit intermediary's logo and other 'brand' information, so long as the requirements of MCOB 5A.5 are satisfied.(2) The ESIS can contain page numbers and other references that aid understanding, record keeping and identification of a particular ESIS, such as the date and time it is produced or a unique reference number, provided these do not detract from the content of the ESIS. (3) Firms are reminded of their
EG 5.3.1RP
As set out in DEPP 5, special decision-making arrangements apply in relation to settlement. The person concerned may agree all relevant issues with the FCA (in which case the settlement decision makers will give all relevant statutory notices). Alternatively, a focused resolution agreement may be agreed (in which case the settlement decision makers are responsible for giving the warning notice and the RDC for giving any decision notice).2 The FCA would expect to hold any settlement