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TC App 5.1.1GRP



TC Appendix 4E contains a list of appropriate qualifications for the purposes of TC 2.1.10 E.


This Appendix sets out:


the criteria which the FCA may take into account when assessing a qualification provider; and


the information the FCA will expect the qualification provider to provide if it asks the FCA to add a qualification to the list of appropriate qualifications in TC Appendix 4 E.

Criteria for assessing a qualification provider


The FCA will expect the qualification provider of an appropriate qualification to have, in the FCA's opinion:


assessors and qualification developers who are trained and qualified;


valid, reliable and robust assessment methods;


robust governance and a clear separation of function between its qualification services and any other services it performs, including effective procedures for managing any conflicts of interest;


procedures for reviewing and refreshing its syllabus and question banks to ensure that they are relevant and up to date;


robust and credible procedures for assessing a candidate's demonstration of the learning outcomes specified in the relevant examination standards;


robust arrangements for contingency and business continuity planning in relation to its qualification services;


appropriate records management procedures in relation to its qualification services;


procedures for dealing with inappropriate conduct by candidates, for example, attempting to obtain or obtaining qualifications dishonestly;


robust procedures for the setting of assessments and marking of results; and


adequate resources in order to be financially viable.

Information about the qualification to be provided to the FCA


If a qualification provider asks the FCA to add a qualification to the list of appropriate qualifications in TC Appendix 4 E, the FCA will expect the qualification provider to:


where relevant, specify the qualifications framework within which the qualification is placed;


specify the activity in TC Appendix 1 to which the qualification relates;


set out the recommended prior knowledge, attainment or experience for candidates;


where relevant, set out the exemption policy for a candidate's prior learning or achievement;


provide the relevant learning materials to the FCA together with an explanation of how those learning materials correspond to the content of the most recent examination standards. Any content of the examination standards which has been excluded from the learning materials must be justified;


where applicable, explain how grading is applied;


where applicable, explain the provider's rules of combination;


provide details of expected learning hours or any other similar arrangements;


where applicable, specify the level of the overall qualification with reference to the relevant qualification framework or, if there is no relevant qualification framework, the European Qualifications Framework and the percentage of the qualification at that level, as well as the percentages and the levels for the remainder of the qualification;


provide details of any credit for prior learning included in the qualification together with an explanation of how it meets the most recent examination standards; and


provide an explanation of how the qualification compares in quality and standard to other similar qualifications.

Information about the qualification provider to be provided to the FCA


When considering whether to include or retain a qualification in the list of appropriate qualifications, the FCA may consider, where relevant:


whether the qualification provider has in place suitable arrangements for:


meeting its statutory duties in relation to equality and diversity; and


reducing barriers to learning, for example, for candidates with learning difficulties;


any concerns, issues or investigations which have been raised by the qualification provider's qualifications regulator;


the annual pass rates of each of the relevant qualifications;


the quality of the service the qualification provider provides to candidates in relation to qualifications and its complaints procedures;


how the qualification provider maintains its qualifications to ensure they remain comparable to other qualifications in the same sector; and


whether the qualification provider gives candidates reasonable notice of any syllabus change, change in method of assessment or pass standards;


information supporting the criteria in TC Appendix 5G paragraph 3.

COLL 11.3.7RRP
(1) An authorised fund manager of a feeder UCITS must monitor effectively the activity of the master UCITS.(2) In performing this obligation, the authorised fund manager of the feeder UCITS may rely on information and documents received from the master UCITS, or where applicable, the master UCITS'management company, depositary or auditor, unless there is a reason for doubting their accuracy.[Note: article 65(1) of the UCITS Directive]
Contractual terms and conditions provided by a firm to an ECA recipient must be made available in a way that allows the recipient to store and reproduce them.[Note: article 10(3) of the E-Commerce Directive]
CONC 2.10.8GRP
A firm is likely to have reasonable grounds to suspect a customer may have some form of mental capacity limitation if the firm observes a specific indication (behavioural or otherwise) that could be indicative of some form of limitation of the customer's mental capacity. Examples (amongst others) of indications might include: (1) where a firm has an existing relationship with a customer, the customer making a decision that appears to the firm to be unexpected or out of character;
REC 6.7.11GRP
An English glossary of technical or statistical terms may be sufficient to accompany tables of statistical or financial information.
In determining whether or not a person's conduct complies with rule SC4 in COCON 2.2.4R, the factors which the FCA would expect to take into account include:(1) whether it would be reasonable for the individual to assume that the information would be of material significance to the regulator concerned; (2) whether the information related to the individual themselves or to their firm; and(3) whether any decision not to report the matter was taken after reasonable enquiry and analysis
FEES 10.5.4RRP

Table of rules in FEES 4 that also apply in FEES 10.

FEES 4 incorporated into FEES 10



FEES 4.2.4 R

Method of payment


FEES 4.2.7B R

Calculation of periodic fees and tariff base for a firm's second financial year


FEES 4.2.7C G

Application of FEES


FEES 4.2.8 R

How FEES 4.2.7 R applies to an incoming EEA firm or an incoming Treaty firm


FEES 4.2.9 G

Fee payers ceasing to hold relevant status or reducing the scope of their permission after start of relevant period

Reference to column (1) of the table in FEES 4.2.11 R is a reference to FEES 10.1.2 G

FEES 4.3.7 R

Groups of firms

Reference to FEES 4.2.1 R is a reference to FEES 10.2.1 R.

FEES 4.3.13 R

Firms applying to cancel or vary permission before start of period

Reference toFEES 4.2.1 R is a reference to FEES 10.2.1 R.

FEES 4.3.15 R

Firms acquiring businesses from other firms

Reference to FEES 4.2.6 R and FEES 4.2.7 R is a reference to FEES 10.2.5 R

Reference to FEES 4.2.1 R is a reference to FEES 10.2.1 R

FEES 4.4.1 R to FEES 4.4.6 R

Information on which fees are calculated


(1) 4This paragraph provides guidance on BIPRU 3.4.56A R.(2) For the purposes of BIPRU 3.4.56A R (2), a firm may use the FTSE UK gilt 10-year yield index which the Council of Mortgage Lenders makes available to its members.(3) If a firm offers a variable interest rate on a lifetime mortgage, it should calculate an average interest rate in a way which is consistent with the calculation of the discount rate.(4) To determine the projected number of years to maturity of the exposure,
A firm must update its data sets at least once every three months and must also reassess them whenever market prices are subject to material changes. This implies that volatility adjustments must be computed at least every three months.[Note:BCD Annex VIII Part 3 point 52]
CASS 5.5.24GRP
(1) CASS 5.5.23 R allows a firm with appointed representatives, field representatives and other agents to avoid the need for the representative to forward client money on a daily basis but instead requires a firm to segregate into its client money bank account amounts which it reasonably estimates to be sufficient to cover the amount of client money which the firm expects its representatives or agents to receive and hold over a given period. At the expiry of each such period, the
SUP 18.2.5GRP
Transfers may have both positive and negative effects on individual consumers.A key concern in this regard for each regulator will be to be satisfy itself that each consumer has adequate information and reasonable time within which to determine whether or not he is adversely affected and, if adversely affected, whether to make representations to the court.888