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3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
A firm must ensure that advice provided to a customer, whether before the firm has entered into contract with the customer or after, is provided in a durable medium and: (1) makes clear which debts will be included in any debt solution and which debts will be excluded from any debt solution; [Note: paragraph 3.38j of DMG](2) makes clear the actual or potential advantages, disadvantages, costs and risks of each option available to the customer, with any conditions that apply for
(1) 6Paragraph (2) applies in relation to an individual who:(a) has provided, or is to provide, a guarantee or an indemnity (or both) in relation to a regulated credit agreement, a regulated consumer hire agreement or a P2P agreement; and (b) is not the borrower or the hirer.(2) If the individual is not a customer, they are to be treated as if they were a customer for the purposes of Principles 6 and 7.(3) For the purposes of this rule, a guarantee does not include a legal or
The credit-related regulated activities comprise consumer credit lending, credit broking, debt counselling, debt adjusting, debt administration, debt collecting, providing credit information services, providing credit references, operating an electronic system in relation to lending (but, other than in FEES and SUP, only insofar as it relates to a borrower or prospective borrower under a P2P agreement)1 and consumer hiring.
GEN 7.1.7GRP
An effect of GEN 7.1.1R and GEN 7.2.1R is that this chapter applies for contracts by which a firm provides, or agrees to provide, credit broking services. In particular, this chapter applies where a telephone line is operated by a credit broker so that following the entry into a contract for the provision of credit broking services, a customer is able to contact the firm with a view to entering into a credit agreement or a consumer hire agreement.
Most customers seeking advice on their debts under credit agreements or consumer hire agreements may be regarded as vulnerable to some degree by virtue of their financial circumstances. Of these customers some may be particularly vulnerable because they are less able to deal with lenders or debt collectors pursuing them for debts owed. Customers with mental health and mental capacity issues may fall into this category. [Note: paragraph 2.4 of DMG]
PERG 8.17.12GRP
Article 28B (Real time communications: introductions) exempts a real time financial promotion that relates to one or more of the controlled activities about regulated mortgage contracts, as well as home reversion plans, home purchase plans,4regulated sale and rent back agreements3, certain consumer hire agreements and relevant credit agreements4. The exemption is subject to the following conditions being satisfied:224(1) the financial promotion must be made for the purpose of,
PERG 2.6.31GRP
11In accordance with article 60N(3) of the Regulated Activities Order, a consumer hire agreement is an agreement between a person ("the owner") and an individual ("the hirer") for the bailment or, in Scotland, the hiring, of goods to the hirer which:(1) is not a hire-purchase agreement; and(2) is capable of subsisting for more than three months.
MCOB 11.6.11GRP
(1) Examples of committed expenditure are: credit commitments such as secured and unsecured3 loans and credit cards; hire purchase agreements; child maintenance; alimony; and the cost of a repayment strategy where the customer has an interest-only mortgage (where affordability has not been assessed on a capital and interest basis: see MCOB 11.6.48 R (Assessing affordability under an interest-only mortgage)).(2) Examples of basic quality-of-living costs (which can be reduced, but
9The following activities are excluded from the regulated activity of credit broking:Introducing by individuals in the course of canvassing off trade premises(1) Activities carried on by an individual by canvassing off trade premises:(a) a restricted-use credit agreement to finance a transaction between the lender or a member of the lender's group and the borrower; or(b) a regulated consumer hire agreement;are excluded from credit broking, as long as the individual does not carry
PERG 2.9.24GRP
(1) 12Subject to (2), (3) and (4),15 the exclusions apply, in relation to any activity carried on by a local authority.15(2) The exclusion relating to the regulated activities of:(a) dealing in investments as agents;(b) arranging (bringing about) deals in investments;(c) making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments;(d) assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance; and(e) advising on investments;applies to any activity carried on