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For the purpose of BIPRU 9.9.1 R, the credit quality of a position may be determined by reference to an ECAI credit assessment or otherwise, as set out in BIPRU 9.9BIPRU 9.14.[Note:BCD Article 96(1) (part)]
Where a firm provides credit protection for a number of exposures under terms that the nth default among the exposures shall trigger payment and that this credit event shall terminate the contract, if the product has an external credit assessment from an eligible ECAI the risk weights set out in BIPRU 9 must be applied. If the product is not rated by an eligible ECAI, the risk weights of the exposures included in the basket must be aggregated, excluding n-1 exposures where the
BIPRU 12.9.27GRP
For the purpose of the notification expected under BIPRU 12.9.26 G, the appropriate regulator would expect any such notification to be made in the way envisaged in BIPRU 12.9.25 R.
(1) To calculate risk weighted exposure amounts, risk weights must be applied to all exposures, unless deducted from capital resources, in accordance with the provisions of BIPRU 3.4.(2) The application of risk weights must be based on the standardised credit risk exposure class to which the exposure is assigned and, to the extent specified in BIPRU 3.4, its credit quality.(3) Credit quality may be determined by reference to:(a) the credit assessments of eligible ECAIs in accordance
Table: This table belongs to BIPRU 9.11.1 R2Credit Quality step1234 (only for credit assessments other than short-term credit assessments)2All other credit quality steps22Securitisation positions2220%50%100%350%1250%22Resecuritisation positions40%100%225%650%1250%[Note: For mapping of the credit quality step to the credit assessments of eligible ECAIs, refer to: for the FCA and
The following parties may be recognised as eligible providers of unfunded credit protection:(1) central governments and central banks;(2) regional governments or local authorities;(3) multilateral development banks;(4) international organisationsexposures which are assigned a 0% risk weight under the standardised approach;(5) public sector entities, claims on which are treated as claims on institutions or central governments under the standardised approach;(6) institutions;(7)
An institution, an insurance undertaking (including an insurance undertaking that carries out reinsurance) or an export credit agency which fulfils the following conditions may be recognised as an eligible provider of unfunded credit protection which qualifies for the treatment set out in BIPRU 4.4.79 R:(1) the protection provider has sufficient expertise in providing unfunded credit protection;(2) the protection provider is regulated in a manner equivalent to the rules laid down