Related provisions for IFPRU 1.6.1

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SYSC 10.2.3GRP
SYSC 10.2.2 R is made under section 137P6 of the Act (Control of information rules). It has the following effect:6(1) acting in conformity with SYSC 10.2.2 R (1) provides a defence against proceedings brought under sections89(2), 90(1) and 91(1) 4of the Financial Services Act 2012 (Misleading statements, Misleading impressions and Misleading statements etc. in relation to benchmarks) - see sections 89(3)(b), 90(9)(c) and 91(3)(b).444(2) behaviour in conformity with SYSC 10.2.2
If damages are a remedy that cannot be excluded as referred to in GENPRU 2.2.159R (3) those damages should be subordinated in accordance with GENPRU 2.2.159R (1). Damages permitted by GENPRU 2.2.161 R should also be subordinated in accordance with GENPRU 2.2.159R (1).
SUP 15.3.15RRP
A firm must notify the FCA11 immediately if:32(1) civil proceedings are brought against the firm and the amount of the claim is significant in relation to the firm's financial resources or its reputation; or(2) any action is brought against the firm under section 71 of the Act (Actions for damages) or section 150 (Actions for damages); or(3) disciplinary measures or sanctions have been imposed on the firm by any statutory or regulatory authority, competition authority, 21professional