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COBS 11.6.12RRP
An investment manager that enters into arrangements under this section must make adequate prior disclosure to customers concerning the receipt of goods or services that directly relate to the execution of trades or amount to the provision of substantive research3. This prior disclosure should form part of the summary form disclosure under the rule on inducements (COBS 2.3.1 R).3
(1) Evidence that there may have been a material change in a customer's financial circumstances is likely to include where a customer who has not previously missed payments under a debt management plan misses such payments. [Note: paragraph 3.45ci of DMG](2) Where the firm informs a customer of the outcome of a review of a debt management plan, it should seek to discuss with the customer any changes to the plan or to the firm's service at the earliest reasonably opportunity. [Note:
(1) 2A firm must not communicate or approve a direct offer financial promotion:(a) relating to a warrant or derivative;(b) to or for communication to a retail client; and(c) where the firm will not itself be required to comply with the rules on appropriateness (see COBS 10);unless the firm has adequate evidence that the condition in (2) is satisfied.(2) The condition is that the person who will arrange or deal in relation to the derivative or warrant will comply with the rules
PERG 8.22.1GRP
The Internet is a unique medium for communicatingfinancial promotions as it provides easy access to a very wide audience. At the same time, it provides very little control over who is able to access the financial promotion.
Where the information in MCOB 4.8A.14R (4) is given by electronic means, the firm should ensure that the customer cannot progress to the next stage of the sale unless the information has been communicated to the customer.
SUP 6.4.11GRP
If the firm is carrying on designated investment business with retail clients7, the FCA22 may request confirmation that the firm has written, or intends to write, to all retail clients7with, or for whom, the firm has conducted regulated activities within a certain period.7227
MAR 1.10.4CRP
Behaviour conforming with any of the rules of the Takeover Codeabout the timing, dissemination or availability, content and standard of care applicable to a disclosure, announcement, communication or release of information, does not, of itself, amount to market abuse, if:1(1) the rule is one of those specified in the table in MAR 1.10.5 C;(2) the behaviour is expressly required or expressly permitted by the rule in question (the notes for the time being associated with the rules
GEN 4.3.1RRP
A firm must take reasonable care to ensure that every letter (or electronic equivalent) which it or its employees send to a retail client4, with a view to or in connection with the firm carrying on a regulated activity, includes the disclosure in GEN 4 Annex 1 R (firms that are not PRA-authorised persons) or GEN 4 Annex 1AR (PRA-authorised persons) as applicable14.14
COBS 10.4.1RRP
(1) A firm is not required to ask its client to provide information or assess appropriateness if:(a) the service only consists of execution and/or the reception and transmission of client orders, with or without ancillary services, it relates to particular financial instruments and is provided at the initiative of the client;(b) the client has been clearly informed (whether the warning is given in a standardised format or not) that in the provision of this service the firm is
MCOB 1.2.10RRP
MCOB does not apply to an authorised professional firm with respect to its non-mainstream regulated activities except for:(1) MCOB 2.2 (Communications);(2) MCOB 3 (Financial promotion).77
(1) 4CONC 4.2.5R(1) requires the customer to be provided with an adequate explanation of the matters in CONC 4.2.5R(2). Where there is more than one customer acting together as ‘joint borrowers’, the lender or credit broker should consider whether it may be appropriate to give separate explanations to each customer and whether the explanation should be the same or different for each, rather than giving a single explanation to all of them jointly. (Where the borrower is a partnership
GEN 4.5.1RRP
1This section applies to a firm:(1) communicating with a customer; or(2) communicating or approving a financial promotion other than:(a) a financial promotion that would benefit from an exemption in the Financial Promotion Order if it were communicated by an unauthorised person;(b) a promotion of an unregulated collective investment scheme that would breach section 238(1) of the Act if made by an authorised person (firms may not communicate or approve such promotions).
PERG 8.12.20GRP
The conditions in article 18 also require that the person acting as the mere conduit must communicate in the course of an activity1 carried on by him the principal purpose of which is transmitting or receiving material provided to him by others. In the FCA's view, what matters is that the person is carrying on an activity1 which has the required principal purpose. Such an activity1 might represent but a part of a person’s overall business1 activities (however small), so long as
PERG 8.4.31GRP
A person ('P') may be engaged, typically by investment product companies, to provide telephone services. Where such services require P to seek to persuade or incite prospective customers to receive investment literature or a personal call or visit from a representative of his principal they will frequently involve inducements to engage in investment activity. This is so whether the inducement results from P making unsolicited calls or by his raising the issue during a call made