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(1) 1A firm must, as soon as a customer expresses an interest in becoming a SRB agreement seller, ensure that the 2disclosures and warnings set out in (1A) are 2made to the customer2, both orally and confirmed in writing, and he is given an adequate opportunity to consider them. The firm must not demand or accept any fees, charges or other sums from the customer, or undertake any action that commits the customer in any way to entering into a specific agreement, until:2222(a) 2the
LR 8.6.9BGRP
4In assessing whether a sponsor or a8person applying for approval as a sponsor can demonstrate it is competent in the areas required under LR 8.6.7R (2), the FCA may also take into account, where relevant, the guidance or advice on the listing rules or disclosure rules and transparency rules5the sponsor or8person has given in circumstances other than in providing sponsor services.885
LR 14.3.8RRP
A company2 must ensure that the FCA is provided with up to date contact details of appropriate persons nominated by it to act as the first point of contact with the FCA in relation to the company's compliance with the listing rules and the disclosure rules and transparency rules, as applicable.22
LR 19.4.11BRRP
1For the purposes of compliance with the transparency rules, the FCA considers that an issuer of securitised derivatives should comply with DTR 4, DTR 5 and DTR 6 as if it were an issuer of debt securities as defined in the transparency rules.
SUP 10A.17.2GRP
If the firm or its advisers have further questions, they should contact the FCA's Contact Centre (see SUP 10A.12.6 G).
3The Statement of Principle 4 (see APER 2.1A.3 P) is in the following terms: "An approved person must deal with the FCA, the PRA and other regulators in an open and cooperative way and must disclose appropriately any information of which the FCA or the PRA would reasonably expect notice."
PR 3.1.14RRP
A person who wishes the FCA to vet an equivalent document referred to in PR 1.2.2 R (2) or (3) or PR 1.2.3R (3) or (4) must submit to the FCA:(1) a copy of the document;(2) a cross reference list identifying the pages in the document where each item that is equivalent to the disclosure requirements for a prospectus may be found;(3) contact details of individuals who are:(a) sufficiently knowledgeable about the documentation to be able to answer queries from the FCA; and(b) available
A firm (other than the Society) must send to the FCA (in its own capacity and, if applicable, in its capacity as collection agent for the PRA)15 in writing the information required under FEES 4.4.1 R as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within two months, after the date specified as the valuation date in Part 5 of FEES 4 Annex 1AR in relation of fees payable to the FCA or Part 5 of FEES 4 Annex 1B R in relation to fees payable to the PRA15 (or FEES 4.2.7B R where
In most cases a firm will provide the information required by this section as part of its compliance with the provisions of SUP. To the extent that the FCA (in its own capacity and, if applicable, in its capacity as collection agent for the PRA),14 does not obtain sufficient, or sufficiently detailed, information the FCA or the PRA, as appropriate,14 may seek this by using the general information gathering powers (see SUP 2 (Information gathering by the appropriate regulator14
CONC 7.18.3RRP
(1) The firm must, when the firm next sends a statement to the borrower, give or send the borrower a notice including the information set out in CONC 7.18.5 R.(2) A firm must accompany the notice required by (1) with a copy of the current arrears information sheet under section 86A of the CCA with the following modifications:(-a) for the heading “Arrears” substitute “Arrears – peer-to-peer lending”;1(a) for the bullet point headed “Work out how much money you owe” substitute:“Work
CONC 7.18.5RRP
The notice referred to in CONC 7.18.3 R must contain the following information:(1) a form of wording to the effect that it is given in compliance with the rules because the borrower is behind with his payments under the agreement;(2) a form of wording encouraging the borrower to discuss the state of his account with the firm;(3) the date of the notice;(4) a description of the agreement sufficient to identify it;(5) (a) the name, telephone number, postal address and, where appropriate,
CONC 7.18.7RRP
(1) Subject to (2), where the total amount which the borrower has failed to pay in relation to the last two payments due under the agreement prior to the date on which the firm came under a duty to give the borrower a notice under CONC 7.18.3 R is not more than £2, the notice:(a) need not include any of the information or statements referred to in CONC 7.18.4 R;(b) but, in that event, shall contain a statement in the following form:"You have failed to make two minimum paymentsFailing
RCB 3.6.5DRP
Unless otherwise stated, the issuer or the owner, as the case may be, must send the relevant forms and information to the FCA's address marked for the attention of the "Covered Bonds Team, Capital Markets Sector" by any of the following methods:(1) post; or(2) leaving it at the FCA's address and obtaining a time-stamped receipt; or(3) email to
LR 4.4.1GRP
Section 81 of the Act (supplementary listing particulars) requires an issuer to submit supplementary listing particulars to the FCA for approval if at any time after listing particulars have been submitted to the FCA and before the commencement of dealings in the securities following their admission to the official list:(1) there is a significant change affecting any matter contained in those particulars the inclusion of which was required by:(a) section 80 of the Act (general
LR 4.4.3RRP
1If final terms of the offer are not included in the listing particulars:(1) the final terms must be provided to investors and filed with the FCA, and made available to the public, as if the relevant requirements in PR 3.2 and the PD Regulation applied to them; and(2) the listing particulars must disclose the criteria and/or the conditions in accordance with which the above elements will be determined or, in the case of price, the maximum price.
SUP 10A.14.19GRP
Failing to disclose relevant information to the FCA may be a criminal offence under section 398 of the Act.
SUP 16.3.24GRP
SUP 2.3.12A G and SUP 2.3.12B G state that the appropriate regulator44 may pass to other regulators information which it has in its possession. Such information includes information contained in reports submitted under this chapter. The appropriate regulator's44 disclosure of information to other regulators is subject to SUP 2.2.4 G or SUP 2.2.4A G44 (Confidentiality of information).4444
LR 17.3.2RRP
(1) An issuer'ssecurities must be admitted to trading on a RIE's market for listed securities at all times.(2) An issuer must inform the FCA in writing without delay if it has:(a) requested a RIE to admit or re-admit any of its listed securities to trading; or(b) requested a RIE to cancel or suspend trading of any of its listed securities; or(c) been informed by a RIE that the trading of any of its listed securities will be cancelled or suspended.
LR 10.8.4GRP
An announcement should be notified to a RIS no later than the date the terms of the disposal are agreed and should contain:(1) all relevant information required to be notified under LR 10.4.1 R;(2) the name of the acquirer and the expected date of completion of the disposal;(3) full disclosure about the continuing groups prospects for at least the current financial year;(4) a statement that the directors believe that the disposal is in the best interests of the company and shareholders
LR 10.8.6GRP
(1) The FCA will wish to examine the documents referred to in LR 10.8.3 G (including the RIS announcement) before it grants the modification and before the announcement is released.(2) The documents should ordinarily be lodged with the FCA:(a) in draft form at least five clear business days before the terms of the transaction are agreed; and(b) in final form on the day on which approval is sought.
LR 13.5.27AGRP
2The FCA will make its assessment of whether the accounting and other standards applicable to an investment exchange or multilateral trading facility as a result of securities being admitted to trading are appropriate for the purpose of LR 13.5.27R (1)(b) having regard to at least the following matters in relation to the legal and regulatory framework applying to the target by virtue of its admission to that market:(1) the quality of auditing standards compared with International