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PERG 8.15.2GRP
The article 55 exemption also requires that:(1) the financial promotion relates to an activity to which the Part XX exemption applies or which would be a regulated activity but for the exclusion in article 67 of the Regulated Activities Order (Activities carried on in the course of a profession or non-investment business) which concerns activities which are a necessary part of professional services; and(2) the activity to which the financial promotion relates would be undertaken
PERG 8.15.4GRP
One of the effects of the requirements in PERG 8.15.2 G concerns financial promotions which relate to an activity which is not a regulated activity as the result of an exclusion in the Regulated Activities Order. In this case, a professional firm using the Part XX exemption cannot make a real time financial promotion relying on article 55 of the Financial Promotion Order unless the exclusion is provided by article 67 of the Regulated Activities Order. Neither can a professional
PERG 8.15.7GRP
The article 55A exemption should enable professional firms to issue brochures, websites and other non-real time financial promotions without any need for approval by an authorised person. This is provided the financial promotion does not also contain an invitation or inducement relating to regulated activities other than those covered by the Part XX exemption. In this respect, it should be noted that, unlike article 55, the article 55A exemption does not extend to activities which
PERG 8.17-A.5GRP
The controlled activities also include providing consumer hire. A person provides consumer hire if he enters into a regulated consumer hire agreement (or an agreement that would be such an agreement were it not exempt under article 60O (exempt agreements: exemptions relating to the nature of the agreement) or 60Q (exempt agreement: exemptions relating to nature of hirer) of the Regulated Activities Order) as owner or exercises or has the right to exercise the rights of the owner
PERG 8.17-A.6GRP
Operating an electronic system in relation to lending is a controlled activity. For the purposes of this controlled activity, the controlled investment of rights under a relevant credit agreement includes rights under an agreement within paragraph 4C(4) of Schedule 1 to the Financial Promotion Order (which is similar to an agreement within article 36H of the Regulated Activities Order, guidance on which is given in PERG 2.7.10 G).
SUP 10A.1.6RRP
Only the following FCA controlled functions apply to an overseas firm which maintains an establishment in the United Kingdom from which regulated activities are carried on:(1) the director function where the person performing that function:(a) has responsibility for the regulated activities of a UKbranch which are likely to enable him to exercise significant influence over that branch; or(b) is someone whose decisions or actions are regularly taken into account by the governing
PERG 8.33.4GRP
Of potentially greater significance is the exclusion in article 33 of the Regulated Activities Order which excludes arrangements where:(1) they are arrangements under which persons will be introduced to another person;(2) the person to whom introductions are to be made is:(a) an authorised person; or(b) an exempt person acting in the course of business comprising a regulated activity in relation to which he is exempt; or(c) a person who is not unlawfully carrying on regulated
PERG 8.33.7GRP
1The exclusion in article 29 will not apply to a person who is carrying on an arranging activity when he does so as a MiFID investment firm or a third country investment firm (see PERG 2.5.4 G to 2.5.5 G (Investment services and activities)).
PERG 8.23.1GRP
Under section 19 of the Act (The general prohibition) no person may, by way of business, carry on a regulated activity in the United Kingdom unless he is authorised or exempt. The meaning of regulated activity is set out in Part II of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 (the Regulated Activities Order) (as amended). Any person who breaches section 19 of the Act commits a criminal offence for which the maximum penalty is two years’ imprisonment
PERG 8.23.3GRP
The regulated activities which are likely to be conducted in the circumstances referred to in PERG 8.23.2 G are:(1) giving advice on certain investments (articles 53 (Advising on investments), 53A (Advising on regulated mortgage contracts), 53B (Advising on regulated home reversion plans), 53C (Advising on regulated home purchase plans), 53D (Advising on regulated sale and rent back agreements)2 and 56 (Advice on syndicate participation at Lloyd’s) of the Regulated Activities
PERG 5.15.2GRP
Flow chart: regulated activities related to insurance mediation activities – do you need authorisation?
PERG 5.15.8GRP
Flow chart: am I carrying on regulated activities in the United Kingdom?
MCOB 1.2.13GRP
The effect of article 28A of the Regulated Activities Order would normally mean that arrangements made by a party to a home finance transaction3 would not fall within the home finance activity3 of arranging. So in a direct sale, a home finance provider3 would not be carrying on the regulated activity of arranging but, where the transaction proceeds to completion, would instead be involved in a regulated activity comprising entering into a home finance transaction3. However, the
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
For persons who are MiFID2investment firms, the activities that must be caught by the Regulated Activities Order are those that are caught by MiFID2. To achieve this result, some of the exclusions in the Order (that will apply to persons who are not caught by MiFID2) have been made unavailable to MiFID2investment firms when they provide or perform investment services and activities. A "MiFID investment firm", for these purposes, includes credit institutions to which MiFID applies
Under article 64 of the Regulated Activities Order (Agreeing to carry on specific kinds of activity), in addition to the regulated activities of arranging (bringing about), making arrangements with a view to, advising on, entering into and administering regulated mortgage contracts, agreeing to do any of these things is itself a regulated activity. In the FCA's opinion, this activity concerns the entering into of a legally binding agreement to provide the services that it concerns.
To the extent that an exclusion applies in relation to a regulated activity, then 'agreeing' to carry on an activity within the exclusion will not be a regulated activity. This is the effect of article 4(3) of the Regulated Activities Order.
Article 72B of the Regulated Activities Order (Activities carried on by a provider of relevant goods or services) excludes from FCA regulation certain regulated activities carried on by providers of non-motor goods and services related to travel in relation to contracts of insurance that satisfy a number of conditions. Details about the scope of this exclusion can be found at PERG 5.11.13 G to PERG 5.11.15 G (Activities carried on by a provider of relevant goods or services)
For an activity to be a regulated activity, it must be carried on in relation to 'specified investments' (see section 22 of the Act Regulated activities) and Part III of the Regulated Activities Order (Specified investments)). For the purposes of insurance mediation activity, specified investments include the following 'relevant investments' defined in article 3(1) of the Regulated Activities Order (Interpretation):(1) rights under any contract of insurance (see article 75 (Contracts
PERG 8.25.2GRP
Article 53 does not apply to advice given on any of the following:(1) deposit or other bank or building society accounts (but note that providing basic advice on a stakeholder product including stakeholder deposit accounts is a separate regulated activity under article 52A of the Regulated Activities Order - see the guidance in PERG 2.7.14A G (Providing basic advice on stakeholder products));(2) interests under the trusts of an occupational pension scheme (but rights under an
PERG 9.10.7GRP
In the Regulated Activities Order, shares in or securities of an open-ended investment company are treated differently from shares in other bodies corporate. They are treated as units in a collective investment scheme under article 81 of the Regulated Activities Order (Units in a collective investment scheme) rather than shares under article 76 (Shares etc).
PERG 9.10.10GRP
7(1) A person carrying on the regulated activity of establishing, operating or winding up a collective investment scheme that is constituted as an open-ended investment company will need permission for those activities. In line with section 237(2) of the Act (Other definitions), the operator of a collective investment scheme that is an open-ended investment company is the company itself and therefore the starting point for an open-ended investment company that is incorporated
There are six regulated mortgage activities requiring authorisation or exemption if they are carried on in the United Kingdom. These are set out in the Regulated Activities Order. They are:(1) arranging (bringing about) regulated mortgage contracts (article 25 A(1) (Arranging regulated mortgage contracts));(2) making arrangements with a view to regulated mortgage contracts (article 25A(2) (Arranging regulated mortgage contracts));(3) advising on regulated mortgage contracts (article
(1) The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (the Act) is the UK legislation under which bodies corporate, partnerships, individuals and unincorporated associations are permitted by the FCA or PRA to carry on various financial activities which are subject to regulation (referred to as regulated activities).(2) The activities which are regulated activities are specified in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 (the Regulated Activities
SUP 10A.3.5GRP
The arrangement must be “in relation to” the carrying on of a regulated activity. Regulated activities are defined in the Glossary by reference to the Regulated Activities Order. This order prescribes the activities which are regulated activities for the purposes of the Act.