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(1) 1A firm must make available to each of its clients to whom it provides prime brokerage services a statement in a durable medium:(a) showing the value at the close of each business day of the items in (3); and(b) detailing any other matters which that firm considers are necessary to ensure that a client has up-to-date and accurate information about the amount of client money and the value of safe custody assets held by that firm for it.(2) The statement must be made available
SUP 6.4.22GRP
In deciding whether to cancel a firm'sPart 4A permission, the relevant regulator22 will take into account all relevant factors in relation to business carried on under that permission, including whether:22(1) there are unresolved, unsatisfied or undischarged complaints against the firm from any of its customers;(2) the firm has complied with CASS 5.5.80 R and CASS 7.11.34R 13 (Client money: discharge of fiduciary duty)22 and CASS 7.11.50 R135(Client money: allocated but unclaimed
3The mandate rules do not apply to a firm:(1) in relation to client money that the firm is holding in accordance with CASS 5 or CASS 7 (including client money that the firm has allowed another person to hold or control in accordance with CASS 7.5.2 R) or CASS 115; or(2) in relation to custody assets6 that the firm is holding, or in respect of which the firm is carrying on safeguarding and administration of assets (without arranging), acting as trustee or depositary of an AIF or
CASS 7.11.18GRP
(1) In line with CASS 7.11.14 R, where a firm receives money from the client in fulfilment of the client's payment obligation in respect of a delivery versus payment transaction the firm is carrying out through a commercial settlement system in respect of a client's purchase, and the firm has not fulfilled its delivery obligation to the client by close of business on the third business day following the date of the client's fulfilment of its payment obligation to the firm, the