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(1) The authorised fund manager must make and retain for six years such records as enable:(a) the scheme and the authorised fund manager to comply with the rules in this sourcebook and the OEIC Regulations; and(b) it to demonstrate at any time that such compliance has been achieved.(2) The authorised fund manager must make and retain for six years a daily record of the units in the scheme held, acquired or disposed of by the authorised fund manager, including the classes of such
(1) 7The appropriately qualified third parties referred to in COLL 5.2.10CR (1)(a) should specialise in the verification of legal or financial documentation and be composed of persons meeting professional standards of integrity.(2) The regular updates of information referred to in COLL 5.2.10CR (1)(b) and (2)(b) should normally occur on at least an annual basis.[Note:CESR's UCITS eligible assets guidelines with respect to articles 5(2)(b) and (c) of the UCITS eligible assets
SYSC 19C.3.23GRP
(1) This Remuneration Principle stresses the importance of risk adjustment in measuring performance, and the importance of applying judgment and common sense. A firm should ask the risk management function to validate and assess risk-adjustment techniques and to attend a meeting of the governing body or remuneration committee for this purpose. (2) A number of risk-adjustment techniques and measures are available, and a firm should choose those that are most appropriate to its
(1) 15This activity is aimed at what are sometimes referred to as peer-to-peer lending platforms. A person ("A") will be operating an electronic system in relation to lending if he operates an electronic system which enables him to facilitate persons ("B" and "C") becoming the lender and borrower under an article 36H agreement. (2) To be caught, all of the following conditions must be met:(a) the electronic system operated by A must be capable of determining which agreements should